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Information needed on photos of historic fire

May 5, 2016 It didn’t look like any place I’d seen in Westfield, but someone wrote “Maybe Armour Plant Fire?” on the back; it was a sepia-colored panoramic photo with a crease. But now it is missing. more »»

The essence of one-of-a-kind

May 5, 2016 Dear readers: Due to an unfortunate meeting between my right foot and a wall, I am now nursing a collection of broken toes. So to keep the Moseys coming, here’s a Golden Oldie from 2009. more »»

Remembering Volusia and its church

April 28, 2016 “Volusia? Where is that?” Those questions are heard more and more often as the years go by. more »»

The best gift you alone can give

April 28, 2016 Chances are you haven’t been thinking about Christmas lately. There are so many other things to worry about right now…..all the pre-election hoopla, end-of-month bills, vacation plans. more »»

Toward the end of their journey

April 21, 2016 Back in the 1970s and ’80s, I worked at Twinbrook Medical Center in Erie. I ran the lab for the sprawling facility that housed Dr. more »»

Another ‘History Mystery’: Lake Erie Wine Cellars

April 21, 2016 Several years ago, while doing research for a Lake Erie Concord Grape Belt historian, maps were located showing the location of many of the local businesses and buildings associated with the industry. more »»

Early Westfield resident sought gold in California

April 14, 2016 Discovered! Another Westfield pioneer who was a Forty-Niner! While researching Ryan Hardware for a previous BeeLines article, an article headlined, “A Forty-Niner!” on page one of the November 12,... more »»

Hard-earned skills of the past

April 14, 2016 Every stage of life brings with it a new set of skills. In our early years, we began the great adventure of walking. There were many falls and rises along the way until we mastered that basic skil. more »»

Getting the goods on a hardware store

April 7, 2016 But WAIT! Ryan Hardware at 31 East Main? Wasn’t that Waite’s Hardware? There’s nothing like a good “history mystery” to whet a historian’s research appetite! Of course, it does help to be the local... more »»

Always a collector

April 7, 2016 I sat cross-legged on the bed. Colorful post cards in boxes and stacks surrounded me. I was in collector heaven. more »»

In the 19th century, Westfield had a fairground, race track and Civil War training camp

March 31, 2016 Fairgrounds in Westfield? A driving track? Horse races? A Civil War training camp? Yes! Yes! Yes! and Yes! There really were fairgrounds and race tracks in Westfield; in fact, more than one of eac. more »»

Advice is easy, but life is hard

March 31, 2016 (Due to an unexpected computer problem, this week I’m sharing a Golden Oldie from way back in 2008. See you next week. Love, Joyce) My friend, Amy, is a working mother of four. more »»

Rediscovering ‘Sam the Greek’ and his restaurant

March 24, 2016 One of the more difficult things about being a local public historian is sorting out myths and memories from primary source documentation to discover the “truth” about people and places. more »»

‘A house divided against itself cannot stand’

March 24, 2016 Those words of Abraham Lincoln were spoken when the country was facing a far different set of circumstances. more »»

A look at some more old Westfield restaurants

March 17, 2016 “What is in a name? A “rose” by any other name would smell as sweet!” My former friend, named “Rose,” was chuckling as she shared a recent quip of one of her customers with me to the effect that she... more »»

My short life of crime

March 17, 2016 In my tenth summer, I briefly became a thief. This was no ordinary stealing adventure. I had many years of Sunday School classes behind me. I knew all about coveting. more »»

The true story of ‘The Song of Minnie Minton’

March 10, 2016 While browsing through the May 27, 1942 Westfield Republican newspaper on microfilm, the following leading paragraph of a column titled “PICK UPS” caught my eye. more »»

An aging snack that’s still on top

March 10, 2016 There are many things in life that get better with age. Wine is one. Some cheeses, too, profit from aging. Candy, however, is generally not on the list of edibles that improve over time. more »»

Information on ‘Sam the Greek’ sought

March 3, 2016 Overheard: A recent conversation between the Westfield historian and a local resident who also grew up in Westfield in the 1940s and 1950s: “Do you remember ‘Sam the Greek’ or his restaurant?” “I... more »»

I suffer from ‘But First Syndrome’

March 3, 2016 I’ve been battling a strange malady lately. You might have had a case of it, yourself, at one time or another. Yesterday’s bout was typical. more »»



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