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Brocton kindergartners hold a circus celebration

June 25, 2017
Westfield Republican

BROCTON - At Brocton Elementary, the circus came to town - Mrs. Bates' Kindergarten Circus, that is! The students in Mrs. Bates class performed for their families and other students, singing songs and performing circus acts like walking a tight rope while balancing plates and cups and juggling. They even tamed lions!

In a short speech Mrs. Bates gave to families before the performance, she said, "In September, your child began kindergarten for the first time. And in September, I began kindergarten for the first time, so I'm not sure who was more nervous!"

A veteran teacher, Mrs. Bates has taught at Brocton Elementary for 26 years, but this was her first year teaching kindergarten. Mrs. Bates thanked the families for their care and involvement in their children's learning this year.

The students worked hard to learn their parts in the show. Kindergartener Alex Christian, who was the lion tamer, said, "I love doing the circus! My favorite part is when I get to make the lions sit and do tricks. It's really just the other kids wearing a mask, but the audience will think it's really lions."

Kindergartener Conner Rodgers, who was one of the Ringmasters said, "There is a little bit of magic in this show. First we are clowns, then we change to acrobats, then we turn into lions!"

Kindergartener Khloe Krauter asked for "brave volunteers" from the audience before she and the other students leapt through a fiery hoop. "It's really just paper, but it looks like a fiery hoop. This whole circus is going to be awesome," she said.

The families and administrators met in the cafeteria after the circus for a reception and dined on juggling balls (KIX cereal), fiery rings (fruit loops), and ferocious lions (animal crackers).

Jason Delcamp, Superintendent, and Sandra Kopiczak, the Elementary Principal, enjoyed the circus and congratulated all the performers afterward.

"That was great! You all did a wonderful job," Mrs. Kopiczak said. Superintendent Delcamp gave every performer high fives and congratulations.

Mrs. Bates thanked families and students for attending saying that putting on the circus was a lot of work but a lot of fun. She quoted TV personality and great childhood educator, Mr. Rogers who said, "Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning."

These kindergarteners, who will be the graduating class of 2029, will celebrate their kindergarten graduation on June 21.



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