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Letters to the editor

October 5, 2016
Westfield Republican

Good things

happening at WACS

Dear editor,

I just want to take the opportunity to say how excited I am about many of the changes happening at the Westfield school this year and to welcome Dr. Mary Rockey as our new elementary principal and director of special education. Dr. Rockey has already infused the school with her enthusiasm and vision for the future, as well as her love for and dedication to providing the best possible education for the children of this district. There is a lot of energy in the hallways of the elementary school already this year!

I also want to make sure to publicly thank Lou Golando and the rest of the staff that have worked so hard this summer and these first weeks of school to make the transition through the capital project as smooth as possible. It hasn't necessarily been "pretty," but the effort and attention that they have given to welcoming back students and assisting staff with seemingly impossible adjustments has been nothing short of valiant and quixotic.

Thank you,

Karin Cockram

Westfield resident

Reply to Patti Farrell's letter of Portland's Statue of Marmaduke and Brad Anderson

Dear Mrs. Farrell,

You missed the important part of the letter. In your reply to me, the point of the letter was not more of Mr. Anderson and his dog Marmaduke. The letter was not about Don Reinhoudt either but was about a man who was born in Brocton and went to school in Brocton and then moved to Lockport.

This man was George Pullman. Pullman invented the sleeping car. That he used on every train today, that carries passengers on there every night. Journey's to cities far away from this area. He hasn't been recognized like Don or Brad Anderson. Which was the point of this letter. There's no marker of where George Pullman's childhood home was at on Lake Ave. But there's a bronze statue of a man and his dog in front of Town Hall. Who draws a cartoon that is looked at by countless people.

On Saturday, Sunday, and then Monday, you disgrace the bottom of a birdcage to be crapped on by parakeet. Or do protect a carpet from a doggy dish filled with water or food. This is your great hero Brad Anderson whom by the way, Brad's father was far more important then he was. If you did not know what Brad's father invented, it was the Horse Drawn Hoe.

He had his invention stolen and copied printed by another Portland farmer. By the name of Howard Green. And then sold yet again to a grape farmer named Donald Jordan. Who now has the paton that was stolen from Brad Anderson's father. I thought that I would give you a little bit of the local history that may not have added in your reply. I hope you enjoy my answer.

Edward Kurts Sr.

Westfield Resident



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