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Brad Anderson not the only one deserving recognition

August 18, 2016
Westfield Republican

Dear Editor,

In my opinion, the statue in front of the town hall of Brad Anderson looks very nice, and he is probably one of the most recognized names in the town of Portland, NY. But he was not born there. Brad was born in Jamestown, NY, then lived in Portland on Second Street. Brad was the most important person in my opinion that lived in Portland. George Pullman is another important person. Also, Don Rienhoudt should be included as well, as he was the world's strongest man in 1973 until 1976. Not only did George Pullman live in Brocton and was from Brocton, he went to school in Brocton and was born there as well. George Pullman had a road named after him in Brocton, as well as a city. There is no marker or statue honoring George in Brocton.

The people in the village should be ashamed. It is my opinion that the people of Brocton were jipped into donating money to honor a man and his dog (Brad never had a Great Dane) that was born in Jamestown. I knew Brad and his wife Barb. When they lived in California. Before, they moved to Texas. But this matter is not about Brad in the town of Portland/Brocton. It's about George Pullman. A person that was born and raised in Brocton, and then moved to Lockport. Pullman invented the Pullman coach. He had never been recognized either with a plaque of where he was born or his childhood home. Don Reinhoudt did not have a statue honoring him and his accomplishments either.

The people of Portland should be ashamed of themselves. The teachers in school should also be ashamed for not mentioning people that have history in the town of Brocton/Portland. It takes a person who has 17 years experiences as a historian and now resides in Westfield, NY at Absolut Care Nursing Home. I apologize that I had to bring a bit of town history to people that should already know all the history of their hometown! I am ashamed of all of you!

Edward T. Kurtz, Sr.

Absolut Care of Westfield



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