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Illness survivor has much to be thankful for

May 25, 2016
Westfield Republican

Dear Editor:

Overwhelmed! That's the only word I can think of to express how I feel about the outpouring of prayers, concern and support you have shown me and my family during my recent life-threatening illness and recovery.

Being physically unaware for almost two weeks, I was amazed to hear - and am still hearing - of the many, many kindnesses of family, friends, our church family, and other churches from Westfield, Erie and surrounding communities. There are so many who did so much and, in many cases, multiple things, it would be impossible for me to send out individual thank yous, in fear of missing someone or something and seeming ungrateful. Please accept this broad-stroke "thank you," being assured it comes with great personal, heartfelt appreciation and sincerity.

Of course, my greatest thanks goes to God, for His mercy in sparing my physical life; for holding me so tightly in His hands; for allowing us to sense His presence throughout this whole time; for giving the team of doctors life-saving direction about what to do and the courage to do it even though it didn't coincide with what they were seeing with their eyes; and for surrounding us with people like you, to walk through it with us.

For all those who

- prayed faithfully and sent the prayer request to other people and churches all around the country and the world including setting up the "Praying for Kim Sanzo" Facebook page,

- kept up with the status updates and expressed continued support, concern and joy in phone calls, texts and on Facebook, through both the scariest of moments and the incredibly accelerated improvements,

- came down and held vigil with my husband, Vinny, and children, Nate and Joanna, at the hospital during my more than three week stay and offered your emotional support,

- brought food, comfort and care items, and other resources for travel, food, parking, lodging, etc. to them as they pretty much lived in the ICU waiting room for so long,

- continue to care, assist and encourage since we've been home with food, cards, and calls,

- have stepped in to keep ministry going at our church, Lakeshore Assembly of God, in our absence,with little notice, especially during the Easter season,

- have helped and are helping us financially with some very intimidating medical expenses including so thoughtfully setting up a "gofundme" online page in my name, and who

- continue to celebrate my miraculous recovery with usthank you from the bottom of my heart!

I am a walking, modern-day miracle! I know that in my heart and have been told so by many medical professionals. And you have all had a part in it! We could not have done it without you! We are so humbled by your love, support and friendship. No words are adequate enough to express our gratitude! You have deeply touched our heart and boosted our faith!

Please keep praying, "troops" as my hubby says! Recovery is going better than what doctors predicted, but I have a ways to go in many different areas!


Kim Sanzo




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