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Westfield must ensure dead trees are replaced

May 12, 2016
Westfield Republican

Dear Editor:

Westfield is one of the most picturesque and beautiful villages to be found in this or any other state. We have many assets that make this village so beautiful both man-made and natural. Clearly, the wonderful and varied architectures of the private homes that are to be found in Westfield along with the well managed structure of commercial establishments creates an ambiance of stateliness and quiet rural beauty rare to our surrounding area. The natural beauty of the Northern Chautauqua County area and Lake Erie with the Barcelona harbor is not to be found elsewhere.

We are, however, seeing a loss of one of our most beautiful and precious natural assets: our trees. Tall, stately trees framing the roads and buildings in any community are a wonderful sight to behold. Westfield is in the second or third rotation in the life of the trees since the village was incorporated. The current stand of trees is maturing and reaching the point of removal and/or repair. Just on Elm Street from McClurg Street to First Street we are missing seven trees. Throughout the village the number is alarmingly high and destined to grow each year. The benefits of trees extend well beyond the mere aesthetic. Trees are the lungs of the planet. The world is moving in the "green" direction every day and Westfield should be a participant in that movement.

The village has the assets to stop this loss. Many trees are available both on village land and through outside agencies to steadily replace those trees that must be removed. Village equipment and employees could easily plant new trees of a small size. We would be replacing these trees not for this generation but for the future residents and the visitors to this village. We must begin to do this now. A few trees each year could accomplish the task in a short amount of time.

Roger G. Chagnon, Jr.

Deborah B. Chagnon




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