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Winter Festival clues continue for February 7-13

February 13, 2014
Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

One clue that is found in these silly poems Clue No. 5 Feb. 7, 2014

Is that the body of water is part of HOMES

There are many fine places where you can look

Hope this helps you find the direction we took.

In your travels you might see lots of vines Clue No. 6 Feb. 10, 2014

As you search along the many shorelines

Now if you like purple in many sizes and shapes

You probably could go for a big bunch of grapes.

While still in this county, let us explain Clue No. 7 Feb. 11, 2014

You may be confused and think you're in Spain

But the drive isn't nearly so long and so far

You are getting close to the prize and can get there by car.

What can you do with all of these grapes Clue No. 8 Feb. 12, 2014

You can eat them and drink them and put them on crepes

But if you decide that you'd prefer to bake

Today you should make a specialty cake!

Do you think Mr. K knew about Grace Bedell Clue No. 9 Feb. 13, 2014

And took her advice because all went well

His award was great and beyond reproach

Could memories of Grace have served as his coach?

The statues in Westfield is where you will findClue No. 10 Feb. 14, 2014

The prize that for days has been on your mind

The medallion and the money is all that

When you look inside the president's hat.



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