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The Patterson Library will present ‘Dreamscapes’ exhibit January 17

January 16, 2014
Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

The Patterson Library Octagon Gallery is pleased to present "Dreamscapes" with photographers Amber Anderson, David Bretz, Sharon Gollnitz, James Hoggard, and Jill Santi. The opening reception for "Dreamscapes" will be held in the Octagon Gallery Friday, Jan. 17, from 7-9 p.m. Johnson Estate graciously donated a selection of their wines for this exhibit, which is free to the public.

The photographs of "Dreamscapes" will be on exhibit from Jan. 17 to Feb. 7, during regular Patterson Library hours.

Amber Anderson of Cleveland illustrates scenes from imaginary narratives with atmospheric images of existing historical and natural sites assigned new, fictitious histories.

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Hoggard, and Jill Santi. The opening reception for “Dreamscapes” will be held in the Octagon Gallery Friday, Jan. 17, from 7-9 p.m.

The work asks viewers to reconsider their perceptions of what they believe they know about a place, as well as reflect on the subjective nature of history.

The images eliminate references to the present and evoke an atmosphere of mystery. The titles, written as excerpts from the Novel, present the viewer with open-ended scenarios that they can interpret based on their own imagination and experience.

The project is ongoing, with new "chapters" being added as the Novel evolves.

David Bretz of Westfield, formerly, Orlando, Florida, captures the simple things in our everyday lives. "With life running at full speed, it's essential that we all take that extra moment or two and really enjoy what the world has to offer us. When I explore the world around me, I don't go searching for any one thing in particular to capture; I wait for that perfect thing to come to me. I trust my eyes to show me what begs to be looked at a bit closer. I try and show a side of life that all too often gets overlooked if not given the opportunity to be seen and appreciated. I hope that my perspective on those 'simple things' makes you step back, take a moment and smile. My photographs for this exhibition are things that only through dreams are our eyes allowed to seeit's these images that take us through an unconscious journey to places our minds can only begin to comprehend."

Jill Santi of Westfield states when asked, what do you want to be? "My answer has always been a photographer. We can't possibly see everything in the world all by ourselves. It is my passion and honor to capture some of those moments and share them with those that truly want to seize the moment. When I think of photography I think art, style, light, color, shadow, timing, recording, composition and balance; all of which are part of life and existing nature. I am a photographer; I seek to create compositions with the use of natural light and existing elements as they appear naturally, the original art of photography. My images are real life, just as they appear to the eye, authentic and unaltered. The greatest compliment is to say I am an artist because, I don't create the beauty, I don't make the moment, I am simply humbled to catch those moments, freeze them in time and share with the people that cherish them as I do." See more of Jill Santi's work on or Surroundings Art Gallery.

Sharon Gollnitz of Westfield said, "I picked up my first camera when I was 13. That's when my passion for photography began and has continued to grow ever since. While most of my work consists of custom life photography I am constantly drawn to nature and its beauty that is presented to us in profound and dramatic ways. There are great photographs waiting to be found everywhere, everydaybut they are almost never found easily. It takes the vision of an artist, along with the tenacity of a hunter to find a great photograph in nature. Whether it's donning my winter coat and heading out into the freshly fallen snow, or braving a ferocious lake wind, I am always excited and willing to take chances when it means I may have the opportunity to get that one great photograph." See more of Sharon Gollnitz's work on her website

James Hoggard of Fredonia feels that "people venture into the wilderness for many reasons; adventure, escape, or even business. But, the most gratifying aspect of wilderness is the stillness it provides for anyone who is willing to receive it. The resulting experience is the peace and solace that occurs when one is quiet and calm. Without the distractions of the human world, a person can truly be still. With this stillness the powers of observation are heightened and a new world unfolds before one's eyes. I hope to convey this stillness, this solace and sense of calm in my photographs so the viewer may experience the peaceful places that I enjoy." See more of James Hoggard works at his website

The Patterson Library Octagon Art Gallery Program is funded in part by the New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization Re-Grant Program administered by the Cattaraugus County Arts Council. Please contact Nancy N. Ensign, Octagon Gallery Curator, for interest in art exhibition for the year 2014 at 716-326-2154 or



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