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Just Outside My Door

November 28, 2013
Elaine Cole , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

It's good to bring you greetings again on this day before Thanksgiving. No doubt many of you are getting prepared for the holiday tomorrow. If you are going to be the host/hostess on that day, you probably have already thawed the turkey, if not it's in cold water to hurry the processes. You might be peeling the potatoes and making the cranberry sauce in preparation for tomorrow's dinner or even cleaning the house.

Just why do so many folk celebrate Thanksgiving Day? I believe the most important reason is to praise God for who He is and to give thanks to Him for all the blessings. He brings us year by year and He is in control. Also for our forefathers who came and declared this land to be a free country under God.

Most everyone in our country has read about how the first Thanksgiving Day in the United States took place in 1624 when Governor William Bradford proclaimed a day for the Pilgrims to give Thanksgiving and prayer to God for their harvest in the new world in 1692.

Today not everyone celebrates this special day for that reason even though that was the original reason in our country. Some celebrate it because it's set aside for a holiday, for having a fun time with family and friends, because it's on the calendar and maybe still other reasons. While I enjoy getting together with our family and friends, most importantly, I want to give God special thanks and praise on that day. But, that's not to say we shouldn't thank Him every day for everything He brings into our life and that He is in control.

In yesteryear when our kids were all home, we celebrated Thanksgiving Day with Bill's family, his sister and brother's families. I always made the pumpkin pies and then went early to help my mother-in-law set the table and help in little ways. Bill would be hunting with his dad, brother and brother-in-law. Our older kids would go with their dad along with their older children to try and keep the deer moving and the younger ones would watch the Macys day parade on television.

That was not all we did for we went to my parent's along with my siblings' families in the late afternoon for another Thanksgiving dinner. I made some kind of foodstuff to take with us to add to the turkey and other foodstuffs that we all brought. The kids enjoyed being with their many cousins. Both dinners were special celebrations with family and we all thanked God for the blessings He had given us during the past years.

When our grand parents were older my sisters in-law and I took turns having Thanksgiving dinners. After our children married and had youngsters, we had only our immediate family and our widowed moms for dinner on that special day. As time went on other changes were inevitable. Some of our grandchildren married, others went off to college and they all moved away. Thus in recent years we have not held Thanksgiving at our house, nor do all of our four generations get together on that day. It would be impossible to find one day suitable for of us to get together.

Nevertheless, we always either see or hear from our families on that day and that's a real blessing.

As I've often said, if you can't think of any thing to be thankful for, be thankful for the things that haven?t happened to you.

I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving and pray that you are personally acquainted with my Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. If you haven't, check out the Gospel of John.



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