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Brocton to shorten length of fire whistle at night

October 17, 2013
Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

By Ann Belcher

BROCTON - Those awakened by the Brocton Fire Department's fire whistle may have some sort of relief following a recent village board meeting.

Brocton's Mayor Dave Hazelton reported that while he has heard opinions from both the public and the village's first responders about the issue of the alarm's cycle specifically overnight, the village "would have to take it down for three to four weeks while it's sent in to the manufacturer to be reprogrammed. I've heard feelings both ways from the public and the board and fire department."

The mayor asked board members how they felt about changing the alarm's cycle to just one minute blasts and all board members present indicated they were in agreement with that, as was Brocton's Fire Chief Brian Woleben.

The mayor proposed a motion to have the whistle's cycle decreased to a one minute blast and subsequently have it dismantled and sent in for reprogramming.

Trustee J. Dale Abram asked that the mayor inquire to the manufacturer if the process or shipping back of the mechanism could be expedited in order to cut down on the time it's not in use for emergency response.

In other fire related matters, the fire chief reported that the department would be taking fire apparatus to Home Depot in recognition of Fire Prevention Week and related events. The mutual aid agreement between the village and NYSDOCCS was tabled pending input from Village Attorney Sam Drayo, who was not at the meeting.

Woleben and the mayor also updated the board on Brocton's support for a specialized medic to be provided by the county's Hazmat Response Team to tackle hazardous or toxic material emergencies.

"I think this is a very good idea it would alleviate us having to send someone because trained personnel would be sent in automatically," stated Hazelton.

The fire chief also announced to the board that the regional Cub Scout Fire Muster will return to the Brocton Fire Department. The event is slated for Saturday.

In other matters, the mayor reported to the board that the request for itemized hours that Brocton fire equipment was used on the day of the July flood would not be turned in to FEMA.

"The response was so rapid that it's very difficult to account for what equipment was where and for how long, since there will be no reimbursement to our fire department, I really don't see the use of providing that," noted Hazelton.

Trustee Gary Planty also updated the board that all information is on schedule for the county emergency operation plan, hazardous mitigation plan and backup power grant.

The board will meet again on October 16 at 7 p.m.



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