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Family to the rescue

October 10, 2013
Joyce Schenk , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Last week, the computer gremlins moved into our lives and brought chaos. Tim's computer was the first to fall victim. Then my usually-trusty Dell slowed to a crawl. Although it blinked merrily along, if I asked it to perform a task, I could easily make a meal and clean the kitchen before the computer would accomplish the assignment, if it ever did.

Since this electronic marvel has been my major communication tool for years, things were now beginning to look serious. Fortunately, though I seem to be hopeless when it comes to the fine points of today's electronics, my younger family members are well acquainted with all the newest tools and toys on the market.

Son-in-law Randy was the first rescuer to volunteer his expertise. He stopped in one day and took on the task of getting Tim's ailing computer up and running again.

Well, at least that was his plan.

After observing the symptoms of the sick computer for a lengthy time and performing several complex life-saving strategies, Randy finally declared Tim's former electronic pal was now suitable for use as a boat anchor.

However, Randy was able to restore the smile to Tim's face by suggesting an electronic notebook would be the best replacement for the defunct computer. Tim has since bought one of the units and is thoroughly enjoying it.

That solved Tim's problems, but mine were still very much in evidence. My computer was simply not doing its job and my Moseyin' Along deadline was drawing dangerously close.

That's when, thanks to an unexpected stroke of pure luck, daughters Becky and Sherri both happened to visit at the same time.

As I watched them looking over my computer, I wasn't sure they would be able to solve my problems. After all, I remembered those long-ago years when these two girls were tots. Both were hopelessly impatient. Their attention spans were as flitting as a hummingbird's flight. Just teaching them the fine points of Old Maid or Go Fish was a parental challenge.

But I had to admit, the sisters had come of age. Today, each is an accomplished business woman with years of experience in the world of computers.

Best of all, each has developed two characteristics that prepared them well for the frustrations they faced in getting my computer problems resolved. Namely, determination and persistence.

Fortunately, Randy and Becky had a still- functioning Dell computer they no longer needed. They brought this nifty unit down from their home in Sarasota.

In short order, my aged, ailing laptop was whisked away to be replaced by the larger, more powerful donated desk model.

To initiate the process of replacement, Randy went over the newer, larger computer and rearranged its displays, etc., to more closely fill my personal needs.

But then came the big challenge, setting up my e-mail account, a necessity for my writing.

For hours, Becky and Sherri took turns at the keyboard, trying desperately to get me connected. Eventually, Sherri made a call to tech support, supposedly the fountain of all knowledge on such subjects. When the less-than-helpful technician declared the problem lay with either the computer manufacturer or the program itself, Sherri gave up.

What followed were long periods of trying first this, then that. But eventually, those two characteristics my girls have honed through the years, persistence and determination, paid off.

Today, thanks to my daughters and my son-in-law, I'm happily writing on my newly installed, fast and efficient Dell computer.

A huge thank you goes out to my brilliant and electronically-savvy family members Randy, Becky and Sherri. What would I do without you?



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