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Just Outside My Door

October 10, 2013
Elaine Cole , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

"There is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce so pleasant an effect on feelings, as now in October."

I agree with those words of Hawthorne and also with the following words of Charles Bowman.

God painted all the autumn leaves

And put to sleep the flowers

And told the bids to find a place

To spend their winter hours

I greet you with joy on this lovely Autumn day. Although we had a little rain earlier, and may get more, right now it's 70 degrees, partly sunny with a little wind. When I went just outside my door early this morning the first thing I noticed was the tantalizing autumn aroma that permeates the air. Some of the beautiful orange and red leaves are gently swirling to the ground joining those that were already there. I think this weekend will probably be the most colorful of all so I hope you will all enjoy it.

Speaking of leaves, the weather has no influence on when they begin to fall off, that starts when the chlorophyll begins to travel down into the roots of the deciduous trees. Did you know that every green leaf on a deciduous tree is a tiny food factory? Like every well-run factory, it receives raw materials from without, changes them into something valuable and gets rid of the wastes which it does not use. This factory however, does not use workers and its only machines are small bodies with a substance called chlorophyll.

The leaf makes sugar in a process known as photosynthesis. This is an accomplishment which has not been able to be duplicated. From the sugar, plants make starch and all its other foods.

Another fascinating thing about a leaf is that you can collect 1,000 leaves and you would not find two exactly alike. There are similarities of course, and various classifications, but every leaf is a model all its own.

Moreover, that fact is not a mere coincidence, it was set in order by God.

You may not agree with that statement, but there are many who do.

One of my favorite publications, which is no longer produced, was Ideals Magazine. It always carried various tidbits in its Editor's Scrapbook and they are as truthful today as they were back then. The following written by Thomason, said, "Think, oh, grateful, think! How good the God of Harvest is to you; Who pours abundance o'er your flowing fields."

"Happiness is best attained by learning to live each day by itself. The worries are mostly about yesterday and tomorrow," Michael Nolan said.

"Gratitude is a becoming trait. It sweetens life, cements the bonds o friendship, gives cheer to fellowship, and makes benevolence a joy," said James Henry Potts.

"A nation is made great not by the acres, but by the men who cultivate them; not by the great forests, but by the men who use them. America was a great land when Columbus discovered it. Americans have made it a great nation," said Lyman Abbott.

"Faith is not a sense, nor sight, nor reason, but taking God at His word," said A. B. Evans.

According to Victor Hugo, "A house is built of logs and stone, Of tiles and posts and piers: A home is built of loving deeds That stand a thousand years. And lastly: There?s a path that leads to the woodland, A path that I love to trod, To get away from this wild world?s rush And be alone with God."

Ponder these facts and have a great day!



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