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Just Outside My Door

October 3, 2013
Elaine Cole , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Now, upon the open canvas of the countryside, God has painted beautiful scenes of harvest time. Underneath the bright blue sky the pictures change day by day. There's fields of stubble, yellow, brown and gold. Every grain of corn and oats that's gathered is a miracle. Also the fruit and garden produce that's been readied for winter.

We have been enjoying absolutely gorgeous scenery everywhere we go and especially just outside our door. The weather has been perfect, too, and I've been taking a lot of pictures. I don't know why, for I already have hundreds of scenery photos taken over the years, but it seems like every autumn is lovelier than the previous one. I'm so thankful to God for his outdoor creation and though I've seen beauty in many places, there's not a more beautiful place than right in our area. I hope you all are enjoying it too.

Because it's been so nice outside, our backyard birds have not been around as much as they will be when it begins to get colder. Nevertheless, we've seen more of the ones that were not around as much during the summer. The crows that spent much of the summer in the woods are gathering around again. One day, I thought they must be having a reunion. A bunch of them filled the woods just behind our back yard and I think every one of them was loudly yakking. I suppose it was "crow talk" as they greeted one another. There's also been a lot of birds on the electric/phone wires. Maybe they were just getting together to see each other before some of them leave for the south land.

Then some of the birds that stay with us all year round, and squirrels, have been stashing bits of food and nuts in tree holes for their winter meals. Recently, I read that the birds remember just where they hide them so they can find them when the snow and cold arrive. However, sometimes another animal or bird finds them first. That must be quite annoying to the one that stowed it away. That would be as bad to them as if someone stole the canned or frozen food that a person had stored in their cellar.

Speaking of the birds, we forgot to go to the appreciation dinner at the Farmer's Mill this year. We normally go to buy our winter bird seed when it's on sale. Bill said they would have to get it themselves this year because it will be too expensive and we would have to go hungry. I'm sure that won't happen because he likes to watch them as much as I do in winter. Moreover, he likes to eat too!



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