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Over the Backyard Fence in Sherman

October 3, 2013
Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

By Elaine Cole


Now that the youth are back in school we have been going to ball games again. The Sherman girl's volleyball team have been doing well though the team lost its most recent game. We still congratulate them on the good job they are doing.

The boy's football team has been working hard too. As of today (Sept. 29) they have not lost a game. Tonight they are playing under rented lights. Hopefully they will win, but whatever the outcome we are proud of them too. I'm thankful it isn't raining for the game as it did last week.

Now that kids are back in school, it's too quiet around here. I don't hear the neighbor children playing outside and I miss it. Also our grandkids don't come around as often either. Moreover, we don't have any babies in our family now; they are all in school. But, I'm excited because we're going to have a new little great-grand baby girl in the winter. Since they live away we won't get to babysit her, but we will see her when they come home to visit.



October 3: David J. Calhoun, Barbara Hostetler, Todd Neal, Nolan Swanson, Grant Warner

October 4: Donte Christopher Williams

October 5: Tracy Beach, Addison Anne Croscut, Adrienne Frew, Krystal Horne-Cady, Zachary Tabor

October 6:Lori Jafarjian, Perry Livermore

October 7: Brittany Cole, Jaclyn Crane, Matthew C. Crane, Lauren Elizabeth Crane, Marshall James Eimers, Jay Irwin

October 8: Bryant Auge, Jean Phelps, Aleia Mae Tenpas

October 9: Elaine Cole, Erica Damcott


October 3: Chris & Becky Cady, Rusty & Tammy Weise

October 5: Scott & Christine Olson

October 8: Bob & Kris Calhoun



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