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A preference for pillows

September 19, 2013
Joyce Schenk , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

I'm a lifelong fan of those cushy comforts known as pillows.

Through the years, I've gathered a collection of soft, cuddly squares, rectangles and roll-style bolsters in a variety of sizes and colors.

These days, as I continue my close association with that pesky companion, arthritis, I find my pillow pals are a great addition to any chair or bed. It takes a few minutes to arrange and rearrange the pillows for maximum comfort, but in time I find the perfect combination. The result is a deep "ahhh" of satisfaction.

My preference for pillows started in childhood. In my early years, Mom often had a hard time finding me in the pile of stuffed animals and pillows I propped in and around my bed. As I grew up, the animals were packed away, but the pillows remained.

Years later, I visited my first bed and breakfast. I immediately discovered that one of the most welcome assets of each of these unique facilities is the irresistible collection of flower and lace-decorated pillows arranged on the inviting beds. It took all my self control to keep from jumping up on the pile and burrowing in for a nap.

A few years ago, when the relentless march of arthritis resulted in replacement of both of my knee joints, I relied heavily on my pillow collection to make me comfy in bed or chair.

Early in my recovery, however, I discovered one unexpected problem. That was devising an acceptable position for sleeping.

As a lifelong side-sleeper, I now found it impossible to return to that habit. My knees were simply not ready to rest on one another.

My physical therapist suggested I try using one of the full-length bed pillows that had recently been developed. He predicted this would relieve the discomfort I was having since these person-sized pillows allow an unlimited variety of snuggle positions.

With visions of a really sound night's sleep, I bought one of the big puffy cushions and arranged it in my bed.

Unfortunately, in this instance, the problem was the bed itself.

You see, years ago my hubby and I gave in to the demands of working different shifts and switched to twin beds so we wouldn't continually wake one another with our comings and goings. Now, well-established as a twin-bed sleeper, I had not taken into consideration the difficulty of having a person-sized pillow to share the limited space with me.

On my first night with my new "bed-mate," I spent a long time trying vainly to find a way to co-exist with the big pillow in the confines of a single bed. Unfortunately, I finally realized there simply wasn't enough room for both of us. I kept the bed and the pillow was relegated to the closet.

These days... and nights... I continue to rely on my random assortment of pillows. Whether in bed or chair, I tuck them in here and there, to soften the corners of my world.

Even though my collection is sizeable, chances are every now and then, I'll still be adding another puffy pal to the mix. As I see it, in this world pillows are like friends. You can never have too many of either.



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