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Just Outside My Door

August 1, 2013
Elaine Cole , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

I bring greetings to you all on this first day of August. We're getting closer to the end of summer every day and the beginning of the new school year for many youth in our area. Advertisements for buying school clothes has already begun and probably many of you moms have already starting shopping for them and for other school necessities. I'm thankful that we no longer have children in local schools because of the many things that must be purchased for the first day of school.

When I first entered school, I didn't have to have anything except my lunch and maybe a pencil. When I went school shopping for our kids, the necessities were few. They had to have a pen and or pencil and maybe crayons and a tablet. They could either take their lunch or buy it at school. Gradually their school needs began growing and today many items have to be purchased for a child, especially as they get beyond preschool and kindergarten. Nevertheless, even at that early age there are some requirements for a child. I can't even list them all but I know it is expensive for just one child and the more children one has, the cost goes up and up.

Not only must school supplies be obtained by parents, with all the extra curricular activities there's more expense. It's not that I would not want sports etc., but why must all of the participants have to have the most expensive sneakers and other equipment when cheaper ones would do the job? I know of course that many kids want the same or similar as their classmates but not all parents can afford them. I'm probably old fashioned but children need to realize that money doesn't grow on trees. They need to learn and understand one can't always have what they want in life and I believe it's the parents task to begin teaching them that with love, patience and kindness when they are young and remember that examples speak louder than words.

When it comes to caring and loving teachers, I believe that Sherman School teachers and administrators show great compassion and dedication as they work with the students. Moreover, I also believe that large schools are not better or more equipped than the small ones. With today's tech knowledge and the internet, schools can have the availability to offer almost anything needed for their students. It's amazing! Therefore the youth are well prepared to enter the world and take their place as a well rounded citizen.

I know there are many that wouldn't agree with me but that's your privilege today in our country, so far. Moreover, I know of many former Sherman Central School alumni that have proved the fact that the education they received in Sherman was not lacking when they entered the world outside Sherman. Some take a job immediately, others further their education or pursue an occupation in some other way such as apprenticeship. Some work for their parents or even take over a family business.

Moreover, some former students return to their hometown to live and either work in the area or commute to their job. Others have chosen to return to their roots when they retire. In small towns sometimes one sees several generations living in the same area as they did when they were children and have successful occupations. We have been blessed to have that happen in our family and I'm extremely thankful that we still have all of our children, grand and great grandchildren living in or near Sherman except two couples. We may be old but we are surrounded with loving and caring family and plenty of young life that keeps us young, at least inside!



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