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Just Outside My Door 06/27/13

July 3, 2013
By ELAINE G. COLE - COLUMNIST ( , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Greetings folks. I'm at my desk on another beautiful, sunny, warm June day. And weather reports say it will get 80 degrees or close to it today.

We have had several such days in a row and on Thursday I decided to go to the creek in the valley behind our house. I thought probably it would be dried out down there, but I was surprised. At the bottom of the hill I found a rather large mud puddle. As I tried to evade it, I slipped in the mud lost my shoe in it. When I tried to get it out of the mud, I lost my balance and promptly landed on my behind in the middle of it all. I was thankful I had a soft landing and no one witnessed it.

After that incident I walked on to the creek and found it didn't have a lot of water in it, but it was still gurgling along its way to join French Creek and beyond. Its quietude and beauty resembles a peaceful place. Moreover, it reminds me anew of its beauty and more importantly of its creator and all the other beautiful things He created in our outdoor world for us to freely enjoy. Also of His omnipotence, omnipresence and all powerfulness.

Going to the creek is not all I enjoyed last week. I took a walk through our meadow one day and found amazing beauty there in God's flower garden. There were daises, buttercups, yarrow, wild geranium, tall grass, maybe timothy - that is a light tan with pinkish tassel at the top - butter and eggs, other tall grasses and more. The whole field was lovely to look at. In fact all the flowers in it were as or more beautiful than those in our yard. All the wild ones were not planted or nurtured by human hands as were those in our yard were.

In addition to the beautiful wild garden, the sound of birds flying above the meadow added to its beauty. When I walked through it, I didn't find any bird nest as I did one year when I found one a killdeer nest on the ground which was formerly Bill's sawmill. It was fun to watch how the mother tried to protect her fledglings by limping across the ground away from the nest to deter an intruder, such as me, when I came near it.

I am also enjoying the birds at our feeders especially those that dine in the jelly. Whenever the dish gets depleted, an oriole lands nearby and lets me know she needs it filled. There are several that visit it including finches, yellow sapsuckers, orioles and even one of the latter's fledglings. If I sit on the porch where they don't readily see me, I hope to get a picture of them.

Summer is now officially here according to the calendar. I hope you are enjoying every day as I am and preserving them in your memory bank so you can think about them when snow begins to fly next fall.



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