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Just Outside My Door 06/06/13

June 12, 2013
By ELAINE G. COLE - COLUMNIST ( , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

June is "Bustin' Out All Over" just outside my door even as the movie Carouse said. The Queen Anne's Lace and Butter Cups, along with numerous other wild flowers are in full bloom in our meadow.

It seems like just a few years ago that plot of ground was Bill's sawmill though I know it was many years ago. He really enjoyed working in his dad's sawmill as a kid and even after we were married. He also liked running his mill with the help of our sons when they were growing up.

Recently I walked through that meadow which once held his mill. I told him it was much more beautiful now than it was then. I don't think he agrees because he once told me it sounded like music to his ears.

He and his sons spent many hours working there nights and Saturdays. In years past his mother told me she thought he had sawdust in his blood. I doubt that, but sawmills were a family tradition over several generations before him. Moreover, it was a part time "money maker" for him and the boys. It was also a fun place to play in the sawdust when the kids were young.

That meadow is not the only place where flowers are blooming for they are beginning to pop out in our yard. My old fashioned yellow roses are in bloom on the backyard fence. They don't last as long as some of the newer roses, but I treasure them because my mom always had them when I was young. They are quite fragrant and also hardy. They also spread rapidly so my bush is rather large

The large honeysuckles in and around the yard are also beginning to bloom. I had only one originally, but the birds have scattered them and there are quite a few around now. They are very fragrant and are usually covered with bees. I found several new ones in the meadow.

Some of the flowers in my perennial bed are in bloom including the small species of honey suckles, the daises and even a couple Star of Bethlehem. Years ago my mom gave me some those dainty little white flowers. I don't know just how it happened, but I now have them in many places where I don't remember ever planting them. I like them, but not in all my flower beds because they soon take them over. Apparently they spread and maybe they have clung to my trowel or cloths or something else. I've given some away and still have a surplus.

Numerous other flowers are budded in my gardens and I'm now waiting for our locust trees to burst into bloom. Sometimes ours don't blossom probably because the buds freeze and I really miss their beauty. It's strange how sometimes they bloom near Sherman and other places, but apparently we had colder temperatures. When they are in full bloom and we step outside, we hear the loud buzzing of bees coming from them. I'm thankful all our locust are quite tall so they don't bother us. Besides, their beauty and fragrance would be worth an occasional sting, or would it?

I have been enjoying more than flowers in recent days for it's great to see the bird fledglings that come to our yard. Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird have a new family. In fact their young ones have already fledged. Bill removed the nest and now it looks like the couple is going to nest again for they are checking out their house again.

Baby robins can frequently be seen and I'm wondering if Mrs. Oreo's eggs have hatched. They are certainly devouring the jelly on our back porch necessitating it to be refilled almost daily. There are also a few other birds that like the grape jelly too, especially the red bellied woodpeckers.

I'm really enjoying this time of year and hate to stay inside for fear I'll miss some of the blessings I find daily outside. God is good, all the time.



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