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A bonus plan for weather forecasts 06/13/13

Moseyin’ Along

June 12, 2013
By Joyce Schenk - COLUMNIST ( , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

For months, the folks at the National Weather Service and those at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have been issuing warnings that "Hurricane Season is just around the corner."

Officially, from June 1 through Nov. 30, weather conditions in the Atlantic are right for the birth of hurricanes. And the weather folks, in an effort to keep residents of vulnerable areas on their toes, continue to broadcast the dates over and over again.

All of us in the possible path of hurricanes - or floods, or tornadoes, or hailstorms, or any kind of challenging weather - are grateful for the warnings that keep us prepared. But I, for one, would like to see the Weather Service lighten up a bit by putting some positive messages into their bulletins.

It's important we know about the threat of blizzards or severe thunderstorms, but how welcome it would be to have the weather guys or gals say, "After the storm, conditions may be right for a rainbow to form in the eastern sky. Keep an eye out for that gift of nature."

And the folks in the service would also be in the ideal position to pass along Spectacular Sunset Alerts and Star-Studded Night Advisories.

We might even get Good Hair Day notices or Magnificent Cloud Formation news flashes.

Such good news bulletins would help take the sting out of some of the bad stuff they have to warn us about.

This year, for instance, NOAA is predicting 13 to 20 named storms. And, they tell us, seven to 11 could become hurricanes.

That kind of forewarning is necessary so those living in vulnerable areas can make the necessary plans to keep themselves and their property safe. But it would certainly take the anxious edge off of such news if a thoughtful weather forecaster would add, "But, since the Atlantic is currently calm, now's the time to enjoy some great boating."

When one of those lake-effect blizzards is on its way into Chautauqua County, folks need to be informed so they can prepare for the event. But, after the worst is over, would it hurt for the weather forecasters to pass along a notice that area trails are perfect for cross country skiing or a snowmobile ride?

Although the weather segments are among the most watched portions of any news broadcast, the addition of positive information about local and area conditions would take very little airtime but would add a welcome bonus for listeners.

"Swimming is open at Lakeside Park in Mayville."

"We have word the fishing near the bridge at Bemis Point is great."

"Looks like a perfect day for a picnic at Barcelona Harbor."

Yes, there's no question the weather folks do a vital job by keeping us advised of what Mother Nature has in store for us. But some positive information on how to enjoy our wonderful area resources when the weather is good would be a welcome addition.

I'm waiting for a forecaster to say, "Yes, we're in for another 90-degree day, but the water temperature in our local lakes is just about perfect for a cooling dip."



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