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June 12, 2013
Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Letter to the Editor of the Westfield Republican,

Perception is reality only in the minds with the expertise to accurately comprehend the reality of perception.

Demagogues are experts of deception. Gossip, the voices of our information media and political parties further confuse most minds. Only minds trained to get at the truth of events will correctly identify reality. Conversely, minds first searching for who is at fault are easily confused by extraneous information and misled to unjustly damage reputations.

Knowing what actually happened must be given first priority if reality is to be determined. The Transportation Safety Board and our military strictly practice this because understanding chains of events leading to disasters must be completely understood to prevent future loss of life and damage to property.

On the other hand, many Congressional investigations prioritize placing blame on the opposing political party and only indirectly determine what happened. A recent hearing about the IRS being politically driven regarding approving 501(c)(4) nonprofit organizations is a good example. The Inspector General, who investigated the allegations, was asked if any political activity was identified. He replied, "No."

However, this reply was all but lost in the news cycle, probably because it failed to place blame on any political party. The nonprofit 501(c)(4) category has been available for decades and political parties have been legally using it to inform their constituents, finance their party and sometime illegally to finance their candidate's campaigns.

This hearing raises questions. Why has the IRS had difficulty in making rules for the 501(c)(4) category and why did the politically conservative question IRS delays in approving their associated nonprofit organizations? The former question was answered by the lack of enforceable language in the original legislation and the latter by the great number of conservative nonprofit organizations requesting approval.

Of course, there is always the conservatives' option of accusing the president of failure when they want to gain public approval for themselves. We badly need accurate understanding of th realities of our perceptions to vote for candidates who will work together to create a more perfect union and promote the general welfare as directed by our wonderful Constitution.

David R. Correll

Westfield, N.Y.



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