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Just Outside My Door 05/30/13

June 5, 2013
By ELAINE G. COLE - COLUMNIST ( , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

The month of June arrives tomorrow. Hopefully on that day it will be warmer than it is as I write at 10 on this Friday, May 24 when it was only 40 degrees. Speaking about the weather, I'm reminded the first part of that week we had some 80 degrees days so we shouldn't complain.

Some say June is the month of love and brides, making one wonder why it is often referred to as the month of love and brides. There are many reasons that can be found of which one is because it is usually warm and so a wedding can be held outside. It's a time when the bride can purchase a short sleeve or strapless dress and not freeze.

In the early days some places declared June weddings came from the Romans who dedicated that month to the Goddess of marriage, Juno. In fact, many of the wedding customs, superstitions and traditions came from the Romans. Other's derived from Germany, Scotland and Italy.

In Medieval times, the groom-to-be often paid his future father-in-law money or blank notes in order to marry his sweetheart. If that wasn't possible sometimes the payment would be livestock or some other valued item.

Superstitions also created some of the original ideas about weddings. It was believed a wedding must be held at the time of a full moon because it controlled future fertility. Moreover it should take place on a Monday for that meant the couple would remain together for their whole life. The majority of couples believed their wedding vows were one of the most important vows they would ever make even though it would take work on both the bride and groom.

Another factor for June marriages in early time was that it should be before harvest season so the wife would be able to help in the time of harvest especially if she became a mother. I don't know how that worked if harvest took place in October and November.

There were other reasons for having June weddings in yesteryear. However, I may not know what certain people's and other country's wedding customs are, I've never attended one that took place in a special month because of superstition or when there's a full moon.



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