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How to deal with anyone over 60

May 29, 2013
Ernest Russo , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

It's obvious to me and many others that Obamacare thinks that we old useless people use up too many dollars and too much of the country's medical resources. To them, "old and useless" means anyone over 60.

I have a plan that will solve not only the problem with old useless people, but it will also help solve the post office's many problems.

Our government should send a cyanide pill to everyone in the U.S.A. over 60, but it should be sent in an envelope with a forever stamp on it. In the future, when anyone reaches 60 years of age, they would get a cyanide pill in an envelope with a forever stamp on it.

This idea helps solve three problems:

1. It gets rid of useless old people in a sensible, organized way.

2. It increases the market for envelopes

3. It solves the post office's dollar problem

If we start the program right away, the post office will take in close to $25,000,000 right off the bat because there are about 56,000,000 people over 60 in America right now. With many thousands of people turning 60 everyday, the post office will have a steady stream of income.

Ernest Russo

Stow, N.Y.



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