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Judas’ Tale, part two

April 3, 2013
Tom Baideme - May 23, 2010 , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

I go and find the sees at hand

And tell them I know the whereabouts

Of Jesus and his band of men

And for a fee I'll tell you where

How does 30 pieces sound?

Good enough to loose your tongue

And tell us where without a crowd

We can lay our hands on him

I said 30 pieces is a good amount

And can feel my lips loosen as I speak

At Gethsemane, I'll lead you there

Even mark him with a kiss for you

So I lead them out the gate

Past the courtyards to the garden

Come upon Jesus and his men

Just awakened from their sleep

Walk up to Jesus and we greet

Then I kissed him on the cheek

He said, "Is this the sign you told

Was to betray me with just a kiss?"

The guard approached to lay on hands

A sword comes whirling through the air

And takes a swipe around his head

Ends up taking off his ear

Jesus said this is not the way

That you should raise your sword for me

If I was in dire need, as he replaced his ear

Legions of angels would come and fight for me

I followed as they led him away

The others scattered like he said, like sheep

Now to rest and wait till morning

Hope things look brighter in the light of day

But wait, what's that commotion up ahead?

Oh no, this can't be true, not at this time or place

The legendary rebel Barabbas

Has gotten caught as well tonight

Oh, I can't believe how bad this is

Oh my God, what have I done?

What I thought would end proclaimed as king

Now may have triggered his demise

I have to go and plead my case

I'll tell them it was all made up

He's not a king and never was

And the miracles were just sleight of hand

See, Sees, here are all the coins

Even more some if you like

Listen as I plead for my mistake

To be forgotten and this fraud released

But they say they got the one

The rabble-rouser Galilean

Trying to subvert friendship

That we here enjoy with Rome

But please release him and we'll leave

Then you'll be rid of all of us

And you can keep your peace with Rome

Just please release the man to me

Oh the tears just pour like rain

How could I've condemned the Lord to death?

I throw the silver to the floor

And wail away to mourn my deed

But finding nowhere to hide myself

From the terrible deed I've done

Not being able to take my sin no more

Find a rope and place to hang



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