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Judas’ Tale, part one

March 27, 2013
Tom Baideme - May 23, 2010 , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Why was I drawn to this rabbi here?

What made me up and follow him?

For me to leave my life behind

And follow this new path of his

I wasn't one of the first of this band called

They may have not needed me at all

But I was good with the proceeds gained

From all the donations that poured on in

Was with him as the crowd processed

Was I who got the colt to ride

To me he trusted all the loot

To keep it safe for all in need

Now in the city gates proceed

I watch as people crowd about

To get a glimpse or touch or feel

To see this walking God is real

Or to hear his voice in prayer

To gain his power from above

To heal the blind, the sick, the poor

Even bring some back to life

Or turning tables in the temple

Of those who made Your Father's house

Nothing but a den of thieves

Raised the ire of the Sadducees

Then I thought of just the plan

That will culminate this Passover Week

His pronunciation as the Christ, the King

And prove to all this claim is right

I'll make a deal with the sees at hand

And make some money for the cause

And when they bring him up for judgment

Will get him released as years before

There's no one else in for major crime

It'll be a piece of cake calling for his release

And then all will see the rightful heir

To head his chosen tribe on Earth

In the evening as we sup

He takes the bread and makes a toast

To break and pass and eat this bread

Is now my body broke for you

Again be took this time the wine to toast

To pass and drink and remember me

As this wine poured out for all of thee

And eat and drink a toast as oft as you can

As I was about my final sup

Met Jesus' hand at the bowl, he said

If there was something to be done

Now's the time to bring it about



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