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The Matron’s Tale

March 20, 2013
By Tom Baideme - August 2010 , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Who am I that I should try

To chase this rabbi for a cure

He'll know at once I'm not a Jew

Just a cur amongst his flock

I'll only need to touch his robe

He may not even know what I've done

But I can feel the power as he walks by

As he touches those in need

I'll wait here in this empty door

Then step out and fall down to touch

The hem of robe as he walks by

To get the blessings that I need

The moment comes, I step out and fall

My body almost in his path

Now to reach and get my touch

And hopefully much needed cure

Finally the deed is done by me

But as I start to gain my feet

I feel the entourage has stopped

And know that it's because of me

He asked who touched and took from him

His followers ask, how can he tell

With so many others crowded in

Instantly I'm in his view and hear

He said, "Who am I to give to dogs

What was meant for the chosen few to eat?"

I reminded him who at the table gets the crumbs

This brought a smile to his face

He told me that my faith was strong

And would be done as was my need

To get the cure for acts I have

From the blessings I got from touch

I was stunned and didn't even move

Until the others walked away

I can fell my body as it heals

From whatever plagued me all these years

From now on I'll say my prayers

Of thanks for what he's done for me

And hope maybe he'll stay around

So I can go and help his ministry



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