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The great transition, part two

Moseyin’ Along

March 13, 2013
By Joyce Schenk - COLUMNIST ( , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Although we're still surrounded by stacks of boxes and mountains of hampers, our family of three is finally into the last phase of the "Great Transition."

Since early January, we've been engrossed in the countless tasks necessary to down-size from our home of the past 15 years to a fourth floor condo in the heart of little Punta Gorda, Fla.

Anyone who has undergone such a life-changing move understands the upheaval of this kind of transition.

From the what-to-keep, what-to-discard choices necessary to reduce the stuff accumulated over a lifetime, to notifying the countless utilities, businesses and friends of the new address, the activities involved are almost endless.

But in the last few days, the situation seems to have improved. Day by day, more empty hampers have been transferred to storage and long familiar items have taken their rightful places throughout our new home.

I've located my recipe box. George's beloved Bose radio is once again bringing in his favorite music. Tim found space in his new room for the racetrack he so enjoys.

We've also discovered the location of The Nest has brought us some unexpected bonuses.

For instance, since most days during Florida's winter season are mild, we've been having our meals on the screened-in deck.

And, from this delightful vantage point, we have a real birds-eye view of the lushly landscaped grounds of this sprawling complex of buildings.

Since our perch is on the fourth floor, we are at the same level as the top of two magnificent royal palms. Like massive potted plants, they frame the scenery. And often, as we have lunch or supper, we delight in watching the ballet of passing birds, some even flying below us, allowing us to look down on their flight.

But the most striking sight I've enjoyed during our brief residence thus far in The Nest came a few nights ago.

As I sat here working on a late writing project, I looked out across the deck through the patio doors beside my desk. And there, looking in on me with a warm smile was my old friend, the moon. As he shared the velvet sky with a few diamond stars, he beamed his full face on my world. My hands stopped on the keyboard and I simply took in the awesome sight.

I've never had such a visitor during my writing time.

At that moment, I realized the Great Transition, though exhausting, frustrating and sometimes overwhelming, was, nevertheless, worth all the effort.



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