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The Guard’s Tale

March 13, 2013
By Tom Baideme - May 26, 2010 , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

How can I let it come to this?

To lose my daughter here so young

For her no one seems to know what ails

Are slowly bringing her demise

I know what I have to do

And if I can must do it soon

For if I linger anymore

Maybe no other course for me

I'll go and see the Nazarene

The One they say can heal the sick

But what chance have I, a Roman Guard,

That He should come and save her life?

Halfway there to where He's at

I can tell by the gathered throng

Of cripples, lepers, blind and dumb

All waiting for, perchance, a cure

I'll only ask Him for a word

That He can utter that will cure

I know, for when I give an order

I'm sure that it will come about

"Jesus" I orate over the crowd

That I am not worthy enough of You

To leave and come and save this girl

From her untimely certain death

But being a man of authority

Know if you give your word or vow

Know it will for certain come about

And my daughter will be okay

He told me I was strong in faith

And will be done as you request

So go and worry not of loss

But rejoice in what you gained

So I left and halfway home

When the servant called to me

That just a little while ago

She sat up and began to speak

I knew then that it was done

He kept His word and vow to me

To be reprieved from such a fate

Of losing a precious child so young



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