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The Stonee, part two

March 6, 2013
By Tom Baideme - June 2011 , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Now dismissing the crowd so they can rest

And have a place alone where they can eat

Maybe I'll go and help to serve

And listen to what he has to say

Before the supper starts I take a jar

Of fragrant hard, a gift to me

Gently apply it to his head and face

To soothe the stresses of the day

Judas, the lone man of this band of twelve

Complains that we could sell the jar and feed the poor

Jesus says the poor you'll have always

For me now there's just this while

Jesus tells him let me be

She's only doing what she's supposed to do

Preparing him for his soon demise

Brought on him by one of them

They all shout, how can that be?

Each proclaiming there's no way

How could any one of them have reason

To even do him such a harm

Simon, now the one called Peter

Says he'll endure what ever he endures

Jesus says before twice crowed the day

Thrice denied be sworn I'm ever known

After sup Jesus took some bread

Broke, prayed, and said to pass to each

That is his body in whole and part

Given for all to eat in remembrance of him

Likewise taking cup in hand

Sip and pass the wine around

Saying this is now my cup of blood

Poured out for all in a new covenant

Do this many times for him

And with whoever you gather too

In memory of what begins tonight

As you're scattered around like sheep

Jesus and Judas hands met in the bowl

The glance between them seems hard to read

Jesus whispers in a hush

And Judas takes his things and goes

Well that's all for me tonight

Now I guess I'll go on home

And start changing my way of life

No one here now to spend the night

I'll rest tonight and in the morning

And I'll try to beat the crowds

To listen to his parables

That always seem to speak to me



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