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Another step towards new pipes

Town passes necessary resolution, still waiting for funding approval

March 6, 2013
By JENNA LOUGHLIN - EDITOR ( , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

WESTFIELD - The Town of Westfield continues to take steps towards replacing the water pipes in Barcelona, but is still waiting for any official approval of money.

At the Town Board meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 6, the town passed Resolution 13 of 2013 which sets the regulations for borrowing and repayment of funds, but Bills stressed the town has not received any funds. The resolution was required by the United States Department of Agriculture before further consideration may be given to Westfield's application.

"That is one more step going forward," Bills said. "We're keeping our fingers crossed."

Article Photos

Photo by Jenna Loughlin
Members of the Westfield Town Board enjoy a moment of levity during their regular meeting on Wednesday, March 6. Pictured, from left to right, are: board member Jim Herbert; Town attorney Joel Seachrist; board member David Spann; Town Clerk Timothy Smith; Town Supervisor Martha Bills; board member David Brown; Deputy Supervisor Ray Schuster; and Code Enforcement and Zoning Officer Jim Pacanowski.

Code Enforcement and Zoning Officer Jim Pacanowski gave updates on new construction in the town, including the new Mazza distillery on W. Main Rd. He also reported the Department of Labor is still investigating the burned down house on North Portage St., and that it can't speak to him about an ongoing case. If he wants to get particulars, he has to submit a FOIL request.

An audience member whose property is adjacent to the property in question commented he doesn't think the pile of rubble will be cleaned up for five more years.

"I'm discouraged, disappointed as much as anybody can be," he said.

It was July 2010 when the house burned down. The clean up has halted because asbestos was found to be a component of the house and the property owner has not followed through on paying a certified company to remove the debris.

"This is not a good situation and we're pursuing every avenue that we can," Bills said. "We're not giving up on this ... It cannot stay like that. That's unacceptable."

Highway Superintendent David Babcock reported he received an offer for truck 36 from the Town of Charlotte. Babcock estimated the value of the truck between $15,000 and $20,000. His question for the board was if the offer was good enough or if it wanted to go out to bid, but the board had time to think about it and answer him at a future meeting.

The new truck is currently getting hydraulics installed and will be available sometime in March. Babcock also reported the town had plowed 30 inches of snow the weekend of Sunday, Feb. 3.

During the announcements portion of the meeting, Bills said Friday, March 1 is the deadline for residents to apply for exemptions.

New lighting for the pier at Barcelona Harbor should be delivered soon, and Bills is hopeful it will be put up by spring when the weather breaks. She also announced the Army Corp of Engineers is holding a meeting in Detroit on shallow harbors in the Great Lakes, which can also be attended via video or webinar, on March 1. The Federal government normally dredges harbors like Barcelona, but this has not happened because the government has not passed a budget for a few years so there has been no funding.

In new business, the town's contract with the transfer station on Bourne St., expires in March and Town Clerk Tim Smith negotiated a new contract which is almost the same. The only difference is a $0.50 per ton increase in landfill cost.

The town also passed the following resolutions at the Feb. 6 meeting:

Resolution 10 of 2013: Audit of 2012 Financial Records, which found everything to be in order, done in a timely manner and done accurately;

Resolution 11 of 2013: Annual Review of Shared Services Highway Agreement with County, with no changes from the previous year, which the town has been operating under for around five years where it shares services with other communities in the summer; and

Resolution 12 of 2013: Support for New York State Contact Information for Vacant Structures, which is a bill has passed the New York State Assembly and is in the State Senate requiring holding company to inform municipalities as to who is responsible for vacant structures.

At the town's meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 9, the board passed resolutions making designations for its fiscal year, according to minutes from the meeting:

Resolution 1 of 2013: Official Meeting Place, which will be Eason Hall, 23 Elm St., Westfield on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m.;

Resolution 2 of 2013: Salaries, which are as follows - highway employee laborers, minimum $7.50 per hour, highway employee MEO's, $10 to $19.56 per hour with a maximum of $29.34 per hour; supervisor, $16,000 annual; code enforcement, $13,000 annual; deputy supervisor, $2,700 annual; councilmen, $3,000 annual; Justice James Spann, Jr., $7,000 annual; Justice Jerry LaPorte, $7,000 annual; court clerk, $12 per hour; town clerk and deputy tax collector, $31,833 annual; bookkeeper and deputy town clerk and tax collector, $30,500 annual; historian, $1,000; highway superintendent, $49,297 annual; deputy highway superintendent, $1,600 annual; assessor, $44,000 annual; utility workers, $7.25 per hour minimum and $8.50 per hour maximum; dog control officer, $7,000 annual;

Resolution 3 of 2013: Designation of Banks, which designates the Community Bank of Westfield, M&T Bank of Jamestown and Mayville, MBIA Class and Key Bank of Westfield as depositories;

Resolution 4 of 2013: Official Newspapers, which designates the Westfield Republican and Observer as official newspapers of the town;

Resolution 5 of 2013: Annual appointments, which are as follows - Timothy Smith, registrar, bingo inspector, records management officer and deputy tax collector; Donna Sanderson, bookkeeper, tax collector, deputy town clerk and deputy registrar; Jim Pacanowski, code enforcement, zoning officer; Marybelle Beigh, town historian; Kathleen Alexander, clerk to the court; Scott Frudd, deputy highway superintendent; Chuck Raynor, dog control officer; Vincent Calarco, honorary civil defense director; Board of Assessment Review, Aaron Resnick, five year term expiring September 2017; Planning Board, Chairman Timothy Smith, Chad Schofield, Diane Hamann, Phil Riedesel; Amy Gregory and alternate John Hemmer; Zoning Board of Appeals, Chairman Wayne Harrington, Abbie Cardy, Will Northrop, Linda Wolfe, Bradley Szymczak; Harbor Committee, David Spann and James Herbert; Security and Technology Committee, David Brown; Transfer Station Committee, Ray Schuster; Highway Committee, Ray Schuster and David Spann; Ad Hoc and Personnel committee, David Brown and Ray Schuster; Website Committee, David Brown, Mary Bivens, Martha Bills, Tim Smith and Joel Seachrist; Recreation Committee, Donnie Paddock, Timothy Smith and Charmain Boardman; Fire Department Liaison, David Brown; Process Servers, David Haskin and Max Baker; and Town Constables, Peter Kunow and Max Baker;

Resolution 6 of 2013: Authorizations for Supervisor/Deputy Supervisor, which authorizes and delegates the Town Supervisors powers and duties;

Resolution 7 of 2013: Highway Agreement; which designates money collected for the repair and improvement of the highways should be used to general repairs of town highways;

Resolution 8 of 2013: Appointment of Deputy Supervisor, which is Councilman Raymond Schuster for 2013;

Resolution 9 of 2013: Annual Review of Procurement Policy; and

Budget Resolution 1 of 2013: 2012 Budget Revisions, which were the following - Other State Aid revenue increased $2,450 and was used for Harbor Imp (DOS Harbor Imp payment 5); $717.56 was decreased from contingent and increased in Harbor Imp (town share of DOS grant; $2,440 was decreased from Contingent and increased in Registrar (registrar fees); $1,040 was decreased from Contingent and increased in Engineer (town share of DOS grant); $17,725.40 was decreased from Contingent and increased in Common Wtr (town share of grant); $1,124.09 was decreased from Contingent and increased in Econ Opportunity (town share of grant); and $1,020.41 was decreased from Contingent and increased in Refuse (Spring/Fall Clean-ups).

Also at the Jan. 9 meeting, again according to the official minutes, Babcock highlighted current projects which included tree trimming, fuel usage and repairs to facilities at the pier. Pacanowski highlighted the inspections and permits in the town. He also briefly discussed the status of ongoing construction, including the Mazza distillery and new residential homes.

Bills announced the annual audit of the books would take place on Tuesday, Jan. 22. Under old business, Bills discussed the fact that the Archeological Survey to support the Barcelona Water Project grant was completed and turned into the New York State Historic Preservation Office.

There was no public comment at either meeting.

There will be a public hearing regarding changes to cell phone towers on Hardscrabble and Reid Roads at 7:25 p.m., before the board's next meeting on Wednesday, March 6.



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