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The Stonee, part one

February 27, 2013
By Tom Baideme - June 2011 , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Why am I the only one

Being led amongst the stones

It seems he's just as guilty as me

It takes two to commit adultery

How was I to know he's wed

And why was he so willing a man

To seek out something strange

When he's got already a wife and kids

What's that commotion up ahead

A rabbi and his entourage

All praising him with loud Hosannas

And laying palm before his colt

The elder approaches to be justified

That what they're doing to me is right

To be punished according to Moses' law

And that I should be stoned to death

The rabbi says the law is right

And she should be punished for her sin

But let those gathered here without sin

Be the first to judge by stone

I could hear the stones drop to the ground

No one stayed to cast their vote

Nothing will be hurled today

No one left to judge me now

The rabbi says no one's left to judge

Nor do I for what you did

But go and change your life today

And go your way and sin no more

That's all he said and walks away

Doesn't want a hug or kiss

Doesn't want to touch or feel

Just to go and change my way of life

I think I'll just follow this crowd

And see what kind of scam he pulls

Though I've heard he's done some good

Probably just some slight of hand

Through the gate inside the walls

The throng can hardly make its way

Amid the shops and stalls and others too

That heard and came to see what's ado

Dozens of people line the way

Some to see if it be true

That this rabbi Nazarene

Has shown the power to heal on touch

Now ever more the clamor grows

Every turn seems bigger crowd

Now even ever more of ailing members

Toted by family, too lame to walk

People bringing across the roofs

To lower loved ones into courtyards

With pleas that they be healed by touch

To go and be a burden on them no more

What's this here? A Roman guard?

Surely he's not on official call

Says his daughter's close to death

And I know that there's no way you'd come

But being accustomed to giving and okaying orders

All I wish from you is your word

Knowing your power that's more than enough

To come answer to my plea

He said such a man so strong in faith

Deserves the reward of his command

Go your way and fear no more

Rejoice with family your answered prayer

The crowd is slow to let him through

And by the time he finally gets in the clear

Meets his servant half way into stride

Saying his daughter just rose and calling for him

He hesitates a second to look behind

Knowing the rabbi was true to word

And provided the answer to his plea

Just the way he prayed it would

Now what's happening up ahead

Looks like someone's fallen in the street

Arises to be face to face

With the rabbi and the crowd

He said someone took from him

With every one so close at hand

His band wonders how he can tell

But casts his gaze on this ailing Ms

Said why should I hand out to cur

What was meant for the chosen few

She reminded him of who gets the crumbs

And somehow brought a broken grin

Told her that she be strong in faith

And go away, you got your crumb

Already with that single touch

And before the crowd departs can see her healing



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