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Retired Bowling 12/18/12

January 2, 2013
Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

NORTH EAST, Pa. - There were 36 bowlers present at North East Lanes on Tuesday, Dec. 18 for nine-pin bowling.

Judy Schuster was the winner of the first jackpot with a score of 321. The second winner was Les Yokom, who had a score of 300. The third winner was Luanne McIntosh, who had a score of 320.

Splits were picked up by: Gary Wells, 3-10, 9-10; Laura Parment, 2-7-8; Judy Schuster, 2-10, 4-5-7; Don Woods, 5-6; Shirley Wolnik, 4-5, 3-7; Butch Joint, 4-7-10; and Eleanor Hoffman, 4-3-7.

High scores were earned by: Barb Brooker, 177; Judy Schuster, 248-166-141; Les Yokom, 300-300-276; Joe Schuster, 214-278-244; Bill Ottaway, 235-219-242; George Tanner, 209-241-187; Quint Leamer, 219-210-199; Peggy Tanner, 148-148; Stephanie Powell, 222-167-153; Ray Lewis, 275-198-229; Larry Janes, 210-189-189; Dave Brooker, 181; Shirley Wolnik, 158; Don Thomas, 193-190-219; Carol Baumet, 193-176; Bev Tetreault, 193-152; Lil Saunders, 173-170; Ron Kent, 191; Richard Hoffman, 176; Eleanor Hoffman, 155; Louise Richir, 147; Vinne Paternosh, 261-200; Carol Kent, 149; Don Woods, 209-178; Cookie Boser, 144; Gary Wells, 233; LuAnne McIntosh, 154-248; Dorothy Post, 213-185; and Butch Joint, 202-247.

Turkeys were earned by: Richard Hoffman; Carol Baumet; Lil Saunders; Ron Kent; Vinne Paternosh; Don Woods; Gary Wells; Don Thomas; Dorothy Post; Judy Schuster; Bill Ottaway; George Tanner; Quint Leamer; Peggy Tanner; Stephanie Powell; Butch Joint; Ray Lewis; Larry Janes; Dave Brooker; Luanne McIntosh; Kathie Culver; and Laura Parment.

The winning members of Team One were: Quint Leamer; George Tanner; Bill Ottaway; Judy Schuster; Les Yokom; Laura Parment; Carol Baumet; Bev Tetreault; Carol Kent; Judy Eades; Eleanor Hoffman; Louise Richir; Larry Janes; Barb Brooker; Luanne McIntosh; Dorothy Post; Midge Eller; and Fred Utegg.

The losing members of Team Two were: Stephanie Powell; Peggy Tanner; Gary Wells; Joe Schuster; Cookie Boser; Don Thomas; Ron Kent; Vinne Paternosh; Lil Saunders; Kathie Culver; Richard Hoffman; Connie Cash; Don Woods; Shirley Wolnik; Dave Brooker; Ray Lewis; Wanda Stanbro; and Butch Joint.



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