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Greeting the New Year on a positive note

Moseyin’ Along

January 2, 2013
By Joyce Schenk - COLUMNIST ( , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

As we stand at the doorway to the year 2013, we're all touched by three types of thinking. And many folks seem to single out just one of the three thought patterns for their seasonal focus.

The Historian, for instance, thinks back to the times they have stood in this same place in the past. They remember the dreams that have come true and those that have evaporated. Nostalgia, a major component of the holiday season, replays scenes of the people and places, the events and adventures of the years that have gone before.

If the Historian has a positive view of life, they see the past as a time of learning, a period of progress and growth. Though there have been bumps along the way and even some unexpected detours, they have prevailed.

But if the Historian concentrates on the negative, they can be consumed with regret. The dark clouds of long-gone yesterdays can overwhelm. They can dwell on the what-ifs and the if-onlys.

Another type of New Year greeter is the Dreamer.

Filled with hopes for their tomorrows, they looks ahead. Though some Dreamers build glittering castles in the air, many construct solid goals for the future.

Dreamers come in all types and all degrees of dedication. Edison was a life-long Dreamer. So were the Wright brothers. But countless men and women dream dreams far more modest than these trail-blazers. And, it's been said that whatever we can dream, we have the power to achieve. Dreaming is an age-old way to greet a brand new, untried year.

The Realist, on the other hand, hangs up the next calendar page with few expectations. They're anchored in the moment. Without searching history for meaning, without looking forward into the future, the Realist looks at January first as simply another day. They live it and each succeeding day as best they can. And the sum total of these individual days adds up to their life.

Each of these greeters of the New Year has something to offer. In the case of the Historian, they can hold tight to the joys and laughter of yesterday. And, by understanding what went before, they can avoid repeating past mistakes.

There's something to be said for the Dreamer, too. To them belongs the future. By letting their imagination soar, they have the power to look ahead at what might be and begin working on the plans that will make those dreams come true.

The Realist, too, has something to offer. Living one day at a time can help to smooth out some of the rockiest sections along life's road.

But few of us are as single-minded as these three. We all have a little of the Historian, the Dreamer and the Realist in us, especially as the old year fades and the New Year begins.

Our best approach seems to come from combining the most positive aspects of the past, present and future into our daily lives.

Whatever your mind set, if you listen closely, you can hear the New Year knocking. It's time to open the door and welcome it in.



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