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Just Outside My Door 12/20/12

December 26, 2012
By ELAINE?G. COLE - COLUMNIST ( , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Are you all ready for Christmas? Probably some of you are, but no doubt there are some that are not. There's still four days left before that special day arrives and hopefully everyone will be ready and not all worn out from the many tasks that have seemed to be important. I have learned, however, through experiences that many of the preparations that we think are necessary to have a good Christmas, are not that important. I well recall the long ago year when I became sick a few days before Christmas. I was quite upset to think I had not finished everything I wanted to before Christmas. We had not yet made the cookies together, wrapped gifts and I hadn't even purchased all the latter. It became worse when our youngest son became sick too.

In those years we always went down to Grandma Coles' for Christmas Eve, but that year Todd and I couldn't go. I knew he would feel bad about that, but it couldn't be helped. Thus the four other children and their dad left to go to grandpa and grandmas' house. The two of us lay on the couch watching the flames in the fireplace, the beautiful lighted Christmas tree and the other colorful lights around the window and throughout the room.

I read a book with pictures that explained the real meaning of Christmas. It told how Joseph and his wife Mary were traveling to Jerusalem and had to stop in Bethlehem because Mary was going to have a baby. An angel of God had told them that the baby would be named Jesus and that His father was God. It all happened as the angel had said. The babe was born in a manger because there was no room in the inn. His father God, in Heaven, had foretold the baby's birth, death and resurrection through the prophet Isaiah, many years before His birth. He grew up and told people about His Father God and when he was 33 years old He was put to death on a cross by men that didn't like Him because they didn't believe that He was God's only son.

All that had been foretold took place when Jesus died on the cross for all man's sins and rose again the third day providing Salvation for everyone's sin if they would repent and accept Him as their Savior. That account can be found in Bible, chapter 53.

Although we didn't go to my in-laws that evening, it became a very precious memory to me because it was spent sharing the real meaning of Christmas with my small son.

When the rest of the family returned bringing food and a special gift for each of us, we told them what we had done and looking back I realized that whatever disappointments we face in life we can be sure that our Father in Heaven knows what's best for us. He will never leave us or forsake us. And He's always just a prayer away.

I leave you with the following poem and wish you all a very blessed Christmas.


By Elaine G. Cole

Christmas is more than tinsel

Stockings hung in a row.

Christmas is more than carols

And hanging mistletoe.

Christmas is more than sleigh bells

And gently falling snow.

Christmas is more than bright lights

Everywhere you go.

Christmas is more than presents

And joyous holiday cheer.

Christmas is more than greetings

From loved ones far and near.

Christmas is when we honor

The birth of Christ God's Son.

Christmas is just believing

He came to die for each one.

Christmas is trusting Jesus

From sin to set you free.

Christmas is serving Jesus,

For all eternity.



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