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A Calarco family member reminisces about Anthony’s


October 24, 2012
By Marybelle Beigh - Westfield Historian ( , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

"Anthony's" was the subject line on a recent email to the Westfield Historian. Eager to learn more about more recent, but poorly documented, local history, she read on and was rewarded with answers and seeds of inspiration for research and stories of more of Westfield's fascinating history.

"Wow. Thank you, Jennifer June," she immediately replied, requesting permission to share her memories in an upcoming BeeLines article, to which June replied, "You have my permission to publish any of this as the more I talk about it the more I recall and I am so happy to have grown up in the Calarco family with all the characters Westfield had. When I think of my family I think in terms of bright wonderful colors."

So without further ado or comments, enjoy reading June's first email in its entirety and in her own words.

Article Photos

Submitted photo
A Calarco-June family photo in taken front of Anthony’s after the wedding of Jennifer Calarco and Michael June. Pictured from left to right are: Dorothy Raynor Calarco; Anthony Calarco; Jennie Calarco; Jennifer Calarco June; Michael June; Mary Ciminise; James June; Josephine Ciminise June; Charlotte Criscione; and Skip Solazzo.

"Hi Marybelle,

"I received an article from the newspaper this morning sent by a friend, about Anthony's restaurant. My parents, Anthony and Dorothy Calarco, bought Millers restaurant around 1959. It was still designed in the art deco period and the work was done by my father-in-law, Jim June. I am married to Mike June from your class. It was kept in the same style as Millers and served food. I remember it was my job to put the sign out front that said Duncan Hines approved, lol.

"One day the late Lennie Vassalo asked if friends of his could use the restaurant in the evenings to play music. My father agreed as the restaurant generally was closed after the dinner hour anyway. The band was from Buffalo so Lennie, Gayle Seamons and I made a makeshift stage and dyed sheets with glitter for the backdrop. No big deal; however, they had a following and that night kids were lined up down Main Street to get in to hear the band play. That started live bands all around Lake Chautauqua and the rest is history.

Fact Box

The office of the Westfield Historian is located at 117 Union Street, in the small green building on the north side of driveway. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 to 11 a.m., or by appointment. The Westfield Historian phone number is 326-2457, and the email mail address is

"Later, Pinter's went up for sale, so they bought that also and expanded the restaurant. The tiles were falling off the buildings and it was suggested they be taken down so no one was hurt by them. A new company had just moved to Westfield, so they were hired to replace the tiles with the stonework. I have seen it referred to as the ugly building, which I always found offensive. It brought business to the company in Westfield and had to be done. It wasn't really a choice, but more of a safety thing.

"The kitchens had beautiful marble work spaces and the tiles were on the walls in Millers kitchen with hand painted roses on them. Pinter's kitchen was more modern. As for the elevator, many trips were made on that and happy to see it was restored.

"Mike and I will be celebrating our 49th wedding anniversary soon and our wedding was held at the restaurant with pics of the whole family outside in front of the restaurants. That was 1963. My mother and my Aunt Grace Trippy also had the Town and Country dress shop where the Vogue shop used to be. Then it was sold to Toni Haskins and Debbie Cash and called The Fashion Bug.

"My parents sold the restaurant and it was renamed The Yankee Rebel. I believe the grandparents of 'The Backstreet Boys' purchased it.

"So you see I have had a long history of growing up on Main Street. The town clock is another story, and that was sent to the mayor complete with pictures and articles as I had read conflicting articles about that also.

"Mike and I have moved around the country, but I do stay in touch with friends and relatives, and when I hear of the wrong info, I have tried to clear things up. We now reside in N.C.


"Jennifer June"



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