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Fascinating 1914 photo with handwritten story on the back


October 3, 2012
By Marybelle Beigh - Westfield Historian ( , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Several months ago, Village of Westfield Clerk Vince Luce loaned the Westfield Historian several of his photos, which were from around the 1910-1920 time frame, to scan for the historian archives. Not having a large enough scanner to accommodate these photos, they were set aside until an opportune time and place to make high resolution copies. Since the Patterson Library has recently installed an excellent machine, library director Eli Guinee is thanked for making copies of these photos for the historian and for the library archives.

One of the most interesting of this set of photos is labeled on the front cardboard frame, "Front View of Farmhouse facing East," with a date of "Sept. 17 1914" in white, written on the face of the photograph itself. Refer to the photo published with this BeeLines story.

On the back, covering the entire area of the cardboard frame backing, is handwritten the story of the photo. Since the cardboard is dark grey, and the writing a not-too-dense black, an attempt to transcribe the story was not completely successful. And as often the case with handwriting, unfamiliar words or names are often not decipherable. Enjoy this garbled transcription of the story. If readers have further information about any details, contact the historian.

Article Photos

Submitted photo
One of the most interesting of a set of photos from around the 1910-1920 time frame loaned to the Westfield Historian includes a handwritten the story of the back.

"Place Auto speedway fronting Farm House. No L. [Undecipherable word here]

"Condition Absolutely clear of clouds of Dust cleaned every Thursday evening

"Time About 2 PM Nature's temperature about 100* On side steps the house keeper Mrs. Cole

Fact Box

The office of the Westfield Historian is located at 117 Union Street, in the small green building on the north side of driveway. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 to 11 a.m., or by appointment. The Westfield Historian phone number is 326-2457, and the email mail address is

"--- [Larsen?]Betsy Ann the Calf after chasing Albert [?] up apple tree had jumped

"the orchard fence and been caught by a new Foreign Secy [sic] from Naples

"---[S?] another Foreign Secy from Venice captured Frank the Pony who being

"loose in the N.E. corner of lawn had chased Betsy Ann out of his parade

"Farmer Thompson in the Regalia he wears in Active Field Service

"helping Foreign Secy Frank Anzalone of Sicily comes leading the company sorrel having gone to Hambleton's one attached to Farm Pleasure Canopy as he is quite blind

"and much Electricity in Atmosphere he prefers to walk. Being under about

"a 5000 lb. load pressure he has taken the North Drive instead of

"South and therefore is faced toward Chaut. Lake instead of Lake Erie

"As he passes his 1905 Pierce Arrow Motor truck loaded with about 1500 lb.

"of apples, potatoes, cabbages, + tomatoes. He notes west position "of Nephew Arthur

"--Foreign Secy [D--?] from Italian Mainland at rear wheels. "Chauffer Wm. Armstrong at the "throttle and Farm Mangr Neph. Lee Armstrong on the steps calling [D--?] from truck co wagon

"Farmer T notes his apparently Frozen condition of his surroundings

"he hastens his trotters out of speedway and listens for the toots and noise of speeding auto.

"After waiting anxiously he is informed of hidden [undecipherable] but one of his "Foreign "Secy's and his location Farmer Th. Temperature goes up to another 100* this being of the many wrongs of the poor hard worked agriculturistPony Frank joined Chauffer Armstrong and he laid Himself down on the ground and at Midnight Dr. N M Tanner and --- of Hinckley had to be called to assist Farmer T. to make Frank arise & join the union of labor."



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