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Just Outside My Door 09/27/12

October 3, 2012
By ELAINE G. COLE - COLUMNIST ( , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Last Saturday and Sunday the dreary skies, rain and cooler temperatures affirmed the fact that autumn had surely arrived. We already knew that fact because the fall equinox was Saturday, Sept. 22. For some of you who might not know what the name equinox means, it is the date on which the sun appears to cross the equator from north to south. That word marked the arrival of autumn in the northern hemisphere.

Another equinox also takes place each year and that is the spring equinox. It too marks the arrival of another new season. It will take place March 20, 2013 in our area. If you want to know how it all came about, I suppose scientist of some kind probably named the seasons. I'm sure one could learn more about that through the Internet, but one thing I know for sure, my God created them in the beginning.

Many authors have described the month of autumn, but I'm sure you all know what it will bring us in this area. For me it's a time of change in many ways. There will no doubt days of sunshine and warmth, though maybe not hot. It's the time of year when one has a change in attire. Out come the sweaters and warm sweats. Some will again use flannel sheets for sleeping and sometimes rain coats and footwear.

In this new month of October, our outdoor world begins be a little more subdued in its color scheme. There's more tan and brown colors until the trees and shrubs are donned put on their brilliant leaves. Recently I've noticed many of the cornfields have been harvested, leaving the fields neatly cleaned off in readiness for spring plowing and planting.

One can see other evidence of autumn in woodpiles around houses, especially in the country. Often when I go outside I hear a saw running. I know it's either a neighbor or Bill cutting wood for winter heat. Bill has been doing that for quite a while. Now he's starting splitting the largest pieces with a splitter. Soon we'll get a big load of cut wood to go along with it. Of course all of that means throwing it in the cellar and piling it. Thankfully Marlin will come to do the latter tasks. Our children also play a big part in getting us our winter wood supply.

Yes, autumn certainly brings change in many ways and an un-named author has expressed more thoughts about autumn. Since we are only a few days into the new season, not all of the glory and splendor of it has transpired, but it has begun. Thus savor each day and store it in your memory bank so you can ponder it all over again when snow begins to fall.

Autumn days are here

Now the summertime is over and the Autumn days are here,

The richest, rarest, ripest days through all the whole long year.

For October skies are bluer than the skies of any June,

And the earth is brimmed with beauty on this smiling afternoon.

There is not the simple sameness as in Summer's robe of green

For gay colors, bright and vivid, sparkle in the harvest scene.

Now the greatest, grandest Artist with his magic brush and dyes,

Has splashed the lanes and woodland with the tints of sunset skies.

From the maples and the sumacs gleams of growing crimson shine,

And the grapes are deepest purple hanging heavy on the vine.

There the sassafras and sweet-gum flaunt a flag of scarlet hue

And the ragged wayside weedlings blossom out in tender blue.

All earth's carpet soft, is turning just to match the russet brown

Of the leaves that crisp and flutter from waving branches down,

But there is no somber sadness in this sign of creeping age

For the year is brave, triumphant in the glory of her wage.

Though her days are growing briefer and nights hold hint of cold

Yet from every tree and bramble shines her wondrous wealth of gold.



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