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Congress is cultivating relationships rather than energizing the economy

September 12, 2012
David R. Correll , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Letter to the Editor of the Westfield Republican

Congress seems determined to cultivate relationships with the wealthy few who finance their campaigns and to obstruct the party opposed to them rather than energize our economy by passing legislation that will push money back into the economy and facilitate the production and consumption of goods and services. The selfish grasping for money and power have resulted in diminished economic resources and opportunities for our middle class. Our economy is floundering because of it. Congress has lost its way in the pursuit of power rather than focusing on the Constitutional purpose of promoting the general welfare. General welfare is achieved with each class of our citizens has a standard of living supporting a productive quality of life. The checks and balances of our representative form of democracy are intended to promote liberty, not encourage the dictatorial characteristics of repressive forms of government. Accordingly, action by any part of our government to promote wealth and power for the few rather than the general welfare of the people of the Unites States is a failure to support and defend our Constitution. This arrogance, whether from ignorance or profound self-righteousness, announces our congressional lack of self-discipline and wisdom. Selfish opportunism has replaced wise congressional deliberation and legislation. To avoid disaster, members of our Congress must change direction and use its energy to produce legislation that will encourage investment in endeavors creating jobs and discouraging the kind of money manipulation that has become the hallmark of the century. Certainly, congressmen must mutually respect others, and their ideas, and build a critically needed creative environment. It is the job of Congress to cooperate in forging solutions compatible with Constitutional objectives. However, it is not the job of Congress to force simplistic ideas into law, just to attain political objectives which do not fit the spirit of our Constitution. Of course, the most expert and intelligent minds in Congress, not just those with greatest length of service, must be fully used by parties in Congress to promote the general welfare. No single expert, party or group has all the answers to the pieces of our problems. Even though individuals may initiate great ideas, developing them requires the coordinated cooperation, knowledge and experience to make practical and workable law. Rather than gaining power by obstructing legislation simply because it does not meet party objectives, political parties must measure their success by the workable legislation they produce which achieves constitutional objectives.

David R. Correll




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