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Make it a safe start to school

September 12, 2012
Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

The weeks of summer have flown by. Stores have fall merchandise on display, summer vacations and the Chautauqua County Fair are just memories - and kids are back in school.

Drivers here have spent the past two months patiently trying not to run into slow-driving tourists. They have been replaced with big yellow school buses, which require us to be just as alert.

Even more important, children will be walking to school or standing on the roadside waiting for the bus to pick them up. They are excited, especially the younger ones who are experiencing school for the first time. No doubt they will have a lot more on their minds than watching out for traffic. They are apt to forget all of the safety things they have been taught about looking both ways, about not running out from between parked cars, about waiting for the light.

It is up to drivers to be careful, to be on the lookout as we all settle into the school year routine.

We note with some astonishment that kindergartners heading for school for the first time this week constitute the class of 2026. Issues that seem such a tempest to us today will feel like ancient history to them when they are finally old enough to give much thought to it.

Back to the topic. You have not seen school buses on the roads for a couple of months. It is good to remind yourself as you climb into your car to return to work that vehicles traveling in both directions must stop for school buses.

Let's be careful out there and make the opening of school a safe and happy event for students across our region.



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