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Disparaging remarks made in public can offend those who hear them

August 29, 2012
Edward T. Kurtz, Sr. , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

To Editor,

Yesterday (Aug. 8, 2012) while on a public conveyance mainly on a Carts bus transporting me to what was to be a joyful day at Chautauqua Institution for a graduation ceremony from CLSC I happened to hear a very discouraging remark about my home here at Absolut Care of Westfield. Two women, whom I have no idea who they were, were discussing disturbing noises heard in Westfield. At first, they talked about how their dog became upset about the recent gunfire that the encampment at Moore Park caused by the Civil War re-enactors. That caused the dog to urinate on her rug. The second lady asked the first lady if she had written to mayor about the problem. To which she answered that she had. Apparently the mayor's reply was that they are only here a couple days a year and that people enjoyed seeing them perform, and besides that they brought in tourists and extra revenue for Westfield. The next comment was the one that disturbed me the most though. It had to do with the fire alarms and the noise they made. The lady that was complaining explained that three blasts on the horn signify that they need emergency people to show up and aid those that have injured themselves. The next comment that came out of her mouth was very disturbing. It had to do with where I live here at Absolut. She gave as an example that most of the calls are here at Absolut of Westfield, which I took as a personal offense to the place where I have decided to spend the rest of my life. It is my personal hope that she never has to avail herself of facilities of this type, for either her or her family. As a resident of Absolut of Westfield, I personally know that not only is it one of the larger private taxpayers in this community, they also support the Westfield Fire Department and their emergency squad. So I would hope that in the future people stop and think before they go talking badly about other people in public.

Edward T. Kurtz, Sr.




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