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End the corruption between Congress and business

August 1, 2012
David R. Correll , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Letter to the editor of the Westfield Republican,

Voters must assure themselves that those they elect have integrity and understanding of their public responsibility. Decades ago, President Eisenhower warned us about the potential for corruption stemming from a close relationship between the defense department and the industries that support the military. His fears have been realized in the corruption between Congress and businesses that receive government contracts and those that contribute to campaigns. These partnerships, with their corrupting personal conflicts of interests, result in congressmen who prioritize their personal gain over the general welfare of the people. Human beings are social animals and we have created complex social structures to promote cooperative action. Only cooperation and coordination within and between our branches of government can resolve these controversies. Accordingly, congressional leadership must demonstrate integrity and social responsibility to identify and eliminate congressional conflicts of interest which put personal gain ahead of the general welfare of the people. This is true of: those who, gaining inside information from their official positions, use it to make personal profit; those officials who favor the needs of special interests from which they obtain campaign funds; and Congressmen who vote in favor of business tax relief for the cost of shipping jobs offshore instead of prioritizing the domestic employment of our people. The latter increases our unemployment, decreases our balance of trade and impoverishes our working and middle classes while further enriching our wealthiest citizens. Congressional leaders and committee chairman must demonstrate their integrity and social responsibility by freeing themselves from conflicts of interests and then leading other to do the same. Otherwise, they should resign their congressional positions of leadership.

David R. Correll




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