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Just Outside My Door 07/19/12

July 25, 2012
By ELAINE G. COLE - COLUMNIST ( , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Earlier today I finally transplanted the cosmos that came up again in my flowerbed by the side door. Most of them came up in the wrong place in the bed so I had to move them back. It took a while, but I finished them before it got real hot. Hopefully they will grow taller and begin to bloom if I keep watering them. I'm thankful we have a good well for it takes a lot of water to keep the beds blooming because of the lack of rain.

Speaking of water, this summer I have to fill the back yard birdfeeder often this summer - daily and sometimes twice a day because the birds constantly visit it. Also the sun and hot weather evaporates the water in it. I know they can find other sources, but they have to travel somewhere besides our land, for our creek is dry. Therefore, I enjoy watching a variety of birds perch on the edge and reach down into the water to quench heir thirst. Yesterday even Mr. Crow stopped in for a drink.

The birds are bringing their fledglings to the feeders now too and it's fun watching them also. Some of the birds have also started brooding on their second bunch of babies. I'm not sure if Jenny Wren's begun that task for the second time, but I doubt it because I haven't heard Mr. Wren's bubbling voice lately, nor has he been rattling or flying at me trying to bop my head whenever I get near my perennial bed. Mr. Wren is very protective of His wife, especially after the young hatch.

Just observing the various birds' habits I can learn a lot about them. I can learn about them too, by reading articles in bird books and magazines. One of the latter, "Bird Watchers Digest," had several interesting articles in its July - August issue. "A Loonatic," gives an interesting account of the author's, Al Batthis, experience with a Loon.

Julie Zickefoose's story about an "Uneasy Rider" that tells a tale about a hawk. This is very special and there are several more great articles in the same publication. Perhaps this information will stir your interest in birds. If so, you may contact the publication, Bird Watcher's Digest at P.O. Box 110, Marietta, OH 4570 or on the internet at the above magazine for a subscription.



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