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Fathers’ Day Lament

June 27, 2012
Tom Baideme - June 2011 , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Sitting here on my cajones

In front of my cone honeys

Still here putting pen to page

Of come to age each after Ides

To start the summer season off

With a Fathers' Day weekend holiday

Not the kind you take time from work

Just a Sonday to reminisce

Somewhere to have a potluck feast

At any number of churches or clubs

To celebrate the gift of dads

And for all the youngsters then who've come to age

The recent orphaned by the golden aged

Remembering fondly Fathers' Days before

When I was just a youngster then

And need to look up to him

The days we used to celebrate

When the Rosary ladies would make our day

And take the time to feed the dads breakfast

Plus those sons of any age invited too

But there're no more groups like that

No large troop of hands to make things work

Or the crowd of fathers that used to amass

When I was the son, not the father today



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