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Southern Tier TEA Party Patriots 05/22/12

June 13, 2012
Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

LAKEWOOD - Members of Southern Tier TEA Party Patriots held their monthly general meeting May 22 at the Lakewood American Legion, 174 Chautauqua Avenue, Lakewood.

The group meets the fourth Tuesday of each month. The next general meeting is June 26. The public is welcome to attend.

"The last best hope" only is said about the United States - not Germany, not Brazil, not Saudi Arabia, not Norway, not any other country - only the United States, said Dennis Prager in a video to Southern Tier TEA Party Patriots. Prager went on to ask the question:,"Who does the greater good on Earth, the United States or the United Nations?" As a follow up, he reminded his audience it was the United States that liberated Auschwitz.

"Do you even trust the United Nations to increase good on Earth," he asked.

His questions were a prelude to words he emphasize.

"This is the most important election in American history," Prager said. "If we don't change both houses, we lose."

Prager went on to say the single largest threat to the country is not having passed on what it means to be American to this generation. It can't articulate what its values are. Too many look to government, but "the bigger the government, the worse the citizens."

Tami Downey, spokesperson for STTPP, reported on the American Legislative Exchange Council, a non-profit organization for state legislators and private sector leaders to discuss and exchange state-level public policy issues. ALEC focuses on free markets, limited government and federalism - constitutional division of powers between federal and state governments. Some issues ALEC deals with are civil justice reforms, education and health care reforms, job creation and growth, energy solutions and state tax issues. In its publication, "Rich States, Poor States," Utah ranks as the richest state followed by South Dakota, Virginia, Wyoming and North Dakota. Last on the list - number 50 - is New York, with Hawaii, Maine, Illinois and Vermont in places 46 to 49.

Downey said ALEC has come under attack by Van Jones of Color of Change, who accused the organization of being racist for supporting the "Stand Your Ground Law" in Florida in regard to the Trayvon Martin case. Jones reportedly stated his group would "astroturf" - manufacture - a campaign against ALEC for its stance. There is no proof of racist tactics by ALEC, said Downey.

"Jones is throwing out hate speech," she said.



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