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Just Outside My Door 05/10/12

May 16, 2012
By ELAINE G. COLE - CORRESPONDENT ( , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

The past two days our thermometer has hit almost 80 degrees and it appears today - May 4 - it will still be quite warm. It's lawn mowing time again and the apple trees are blooming, their fragrance wafting through the air with the breeze. Although the wind is blowing, it's warm and not cold. I'm anxious to visit Miller's Greenhouse next door, but I will wait awhile to plant flowers out doors for we could still have a freeze. Although the early spring flowers have gone by, the violets and Myrtle are still blooming by the garage and fence, and wild yellow mustard and dandelions adorn the meadows creating the illusion of sunshine even on rainy days. Most folk don't appreciate them in their yard, but I still enjoy them. They bring a bit of sunshine and cheer into our yard.

I recall how the kids learned to love flowers in yesteryear. I always took them to the woodland or meadow to pick the early spring ones, and when they were older they helped me in the flowerbeds. Even as young children, they often found those early flowers, including the dandelions, and picked some as a surprise for me. They came with twinkling eyes and a big smile, bringing their gift to me. It demonstrated their love and brought a smile to my face making my day extra special.Moreover, bringing those gifts on their own initiative showed that they loved tickled them too. They knew how I enjoyed springtime.

After the dandelions blooms were gone, the children enjoyed blowing on the fluffy seeds making them drift on the breeze. Regardless of the fact that it would no doubt make still more dandelions in the yard, I didn't mind. It was worth it to see the joy they got from such a simple activity. I had done the same as a child.

Article Photos

Photo by Elaine G. Cole
Elaine Cole’s youngest son Todd picking violets in the creek valley in the woodland when he was a young child.

As anyone can easily see, I'm no longer a child, a teen, middle aged or even a recent senior citizen. I often forget that fact and try to hurry or accomplish some task that causes me to fall or creates some other disaster, but at last I'm trying, to be a "lady" before my husband completely looses his good nature. If I do become that lady, I'll still have a child's heart. I can easily relate to babies, little kids, older ones and teens. I plainly recall my youth and the things I cherished then, and I have not changed much. Although I know I am not physically able to have more kids in my home permanently, I pray the day will never come when I won't welcome a visit from them or baby-sitting little ones.

I have loved babies and children from the day I was a child and always wanted to have several. I suppose I didn't realize all that was involved in rearing them. I learned a lot about them when we got my youngest sister who had physical problems the first year of her life. I learned still more after our first one arrived and through the years we had a few trials along the way, but God has been good. I soon found however, our children were extremely active. Ask anyone that has knows us over the years, they can attest to that. There was seldom a dull moment in our home, especially with the boys. My theory is when boys and their dads think the bigger the challenge the more fun, accidents happen more.

We had such things happen, such as getting hit by a car, having a pulley line that reached from tree to tree break with a son and his younger brother. Also, a snowmobile ride through a meadow and hitting a snow covered fence with two sons on it. Still another event was when one son fell out of a tree and another fell with his bike in the neighbor's driveway, removing a lot of skin from his body. There were other incidents that took place with motorcycles, broken windows playing ball during a birthday party and more. Thankfully not all of them necessitated an ambulance and visit to the hospital. I almost forgot the children were very wiggly in church and sometimes were taken out and spanked. Most parents wouldn't dare do that now days for fear their children would be taken away. I still believe a spanking in the proper place, not with great force, is usually very effective, but that's another subject.

Thank God we've all survived and I'm thankful that our children learned how to be hard workers and still enjoy times of "play" and are still very active as adults. As has been said "all work and no play makes a boy, and I think girls too, a dull person."

I'm sure that many of you senior citizens experienced many of the same issues that we did as we reared our family, but I can truthfully say that being a mom has been the most important job of my life. Moreover, I don't regret being a mostly stay-at-home mom for the blessings have far out weighed the problems even though there were days I wondered. Also it wouldn't have been possible without the Lord and the love, help and encouragement of my husband of almost 62 years. I hope this note will be an encouragement to all you young mothers especially as Mother's Day approaches. I also must say, as a young mom sometimes there were days that I wondered if I'd ever survive. I assure you however, that the blessings will far out weighed the difficult times if one determines they will keep their wedding vows forever, but it will take work. I soon learned that loving your husband, putting him first after God, and then resolving to nourish and love your children goes a long ways in making a home. You will never be perfect, but neither will you hubby or kids. So stick with it and I think you will be glad you did when you get older and have all those "perfect" grandchildren.

I must add however, there are times when it is necessary to separate from ones spouse, but I believe one should seriously think it through, seek help and not leave just for your own enjoyment. It's important to consider the effect it will have on your family. I found God's word gives the best instruction for a happy and successful marriage.



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