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First Park Muse

May 9, 2012
By Tom Baideme - May 2011

Feels good to have the sun return

Though the wind still seems to chill

As it passes through the rays

While I'm musing in the park

No chance I'm going to break a sweat

May even need an extra shirt

A windbreaker might work as well

Something to get me through the night

I'll have to go back among the tomes

And bide my time inside in warmth

There to read the daily news

Or search for someone on a desktop screen

Maybe get a magazine

And catch up on the world resolve

To straighten up the mess we're in

With talks of Armageddon soon

But none have seen the things I have

The visions I had long ago

That have appeared after many years

Have come to pass too often now

So I'll end this new park muse

About the changes going on

Of the change of weather here

And the possible end of all we know



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