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Village leaders approve water, electric budgets


May 2, 2012
Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

WESTFIELD - Village of Westfield residents will have someone new taking out the trash.

Sealed bids were officially opened and read at Monday's monthly meeting of the Village of Westfield Board of Trustees, April 16. With two representatives from one of the bidders, Casella Waste Management, present at Monday's meeting, Public Works Superintendent Ed LeBarron had some questions to pose.

He questioned how the recycling pick up schedule would be affected for residents and what materials would be picked up.

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Photo by Jenna Loughlin
Village of Westfield Mayor David Carr, center, and Village Board Trustees such as Deputy Mayor Chris Jaynes, right, visited the Westfield Fire Department Monday, April 2 before the board’s re-organizational meeting.

"We pick up every other week, and we pick up everything," John Dixon, regional branch manager for Casella, said. "It will be all classes of plastics and glass, all colors, everything will be picked up in one bin."

Local branch manager John Beichner explained their pickup system will be easier for the homeowner to manage recycling.

"It will be so much simpler for people," he said. "They will start to recycle more, and that should be the goal. We don't want to see more garbage going off to the landfill. We pick all of it up and send it to a high tech sorting facility in Geneva, N.Y., that uses an optic scanner to sort all of it at that point."

Eventually, as the homeowner buys into recycling more, it should affect the overall cost to the customer as less trash will be ending up at the landfill, Beichner explained.

LeBarron explained the village contracted with Casella eight years ago, but eventually had issues with garbage being picked up overnight, a problem that is now rectified with stronger contract language.

Beichner stated their drivers could start at varying times in the morning, for most village settings pick up times would begin at 7 or 8 a.m.

Village Clerk Vince Luce also indicated Westfield residents are typically used to being able to set recycling out the night before pick up and inquired whether or not an early recycling pick up could be arranged to reduce the number of hours materials are sitting curbside.

Dixon stated that should be possible since drivers need to leave to drop off materials by 1 p.m.

After the board members and LeBarron indicated they were satisfied with the information presented, a resolution was approved to award the full contract to Casella Waste Management effective June 1.

In other matters, board members also authorized the public works and water departments to go out for bid for annual supplies.

Wastewater treatment plant operator Andrew Thompson also briefed the board on his efforts to lower the wastewater receiver rates, which could in turn add a potential $50,000 to revenues while not costing ratepayers anything additional.

Board members also adopted the village water and electric budgets for 2012-2013. Estimated revenues for the water fund budget reflect $954,000 for 2012-2013, with estimated expenses totaling $993,471.

Electric department figures for this budget year show an estimate revenue figure of $3,990,000 with total estimated expenses totaling $3,817,275.

Also during the meeting, Westfield's mayor squashed any rumors about the formation of a regional police force.

Westfield Mayor Dave Carr addressed the public audience to state on record, "I am not trying to start a regional police department.

"There has been some controversy raised in some newspaper articles about the Westfield Police Department answering calls outside of our village," he said. "Lately, those have added up to a lot of calls, and, in response, I wrote letters to the surrounding towns and villages making them aware of that situation. Somehow word has gotten out that I'm trying to start a regional police department. I am simply looking for (our) village to be compensated for answering those calls outside of the village."

Earlier this year, the mayor spent some time with other municipalities to address his concerns about, and bring light to the occurrences of, his officers traveling outside their jurisdiction to answer numerous calls, which are normally covered by the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Department or New York State Police. The mayor reported Monday that Westfield officers were called out to a total of three calls just within the past month.

"I'd like to put a stop to these rumors that I'm trying to start a regional police force," Carr said. "I simply want this village to be compensated for our police officers answering calls that require them to travel outside of Westfield and leave our village without any protection, and this village board knows that I'm not trying to start a regional police force."

Carr and the members of the board heard from fire department member Lyle Holland, who was there to speak to the board about lack of progress within the Board of Fire Commissioners for Westfield.

"For many years, the village board and the Westfield Fire Department have worked together. Now things have changed," Holland said. "There were two boards and now there's one. But we're not moving. I've been going to these meetings for a year, and the only things we're concerned with are how much money the Exempts have and what we're going to do with it."

He also indicated his frustration with inconsistencies he has observed with the election of representatives and how meeting time is utilized.

"As I understand it, you (the board) are in charge of the fire commissioners," Holland said. "We need some direction to put the fire department back together again. We're so far apart that it's frustrating, and I hope you will look at this because we need some guidance."

The mayor thanked Holland for addressing the board and noted, "we will take these concerns in account and hopefully in the coming months, things will smooth out."

In other matters, Carr officially welcomed 7-11 to the village, which formerly operated as Wilson Farms.

"Wilson Farms is now officially 7-11, and I'd like to formally welcome that business to Westfield," he said.

In speaking with the store's interim management, Carr reported the franchise has invested over $200,000 in order to change over the business and is finishing their transition this week. Code Enforcement Officer Jim Pacanowski updated the board during his report on the progress of their opening as a 24-hour, seven day a week store.

"They'll have a bigger selection of food, and for anyone who's ever been to a 7-11, they do a very good job," he said.

Westfield's Village Board will meet again on Monday, May 21 at 7 p.m. in their Eason Hall meeting quarters. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.



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