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Westfield class running used prom dress shop next week

April 25, 2012
Westfield Republican

WESTFIELD - What does a prom dress shop have to do with sports and entertainment management?

Sports and entertainment management involves the four functions of management - planning, organizing, implementing and controlling. This method applies to everything from a birthday party to a yard sale to a high school football game to a spaghetti dinner to the Super Bowl and everything in-between.

Students in Kimberly Abbey's Sports and Entertainment Management II have been assigned a task that will allow them to plan, organize and implement a prom dress shop. Students have learned "controlling" is last step of any event that happens after the event - was it worth it? Did we make any money? Should we do it again and if so what needs to change? They will be responsible for writing a business plan focusing on the wants and needs of the prom goers in the community.

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Submitted photo
Students from Kimberly Abbey’s sports and entertainment management class will open their used prom dress shop next week for interested prom goers. Pictured, from left to right in the front row: Katie Catalano; and Andrew Robbins. In the back row are: Chris Chasse; Jordan Ellis; Erin Carutis; and Brian Reed.

"In a general discussion about the prom as an event, my students wanted a way to ease the financial burden of going to the prom and this seemed like a good place to start," Abbey said.

The student event planners have been working hard creating and distributing a student survey, understanding their target market, figuring out how to use the space they have to sell the dresses, organizing a dress drop off, when to open their "shop," creating a mission statement, marketing and advertising their event and pricing of the dresses. All proceeds will go towards the After Prom.

After much planning and organizing, Abbey's students will be implementing their sale on April 26 and 27 in the school lobby during second block. Flyers have been created and put up in the halls and an announcement will be read each morning the week of the sale. Students are encouraged to come and take a look at the dresses that have been collected from Westfield Academy and Central School faculty and staff members as well as other students.

The interesting work comes afterwards when students will take a look at the event to see how it can be improved for next year. According to Abbey, her students are already talking about asking other districts to join in next year. They are willing to plan the entire event for students in surrounding districts. The April event is a great learning ground before reaching out to other schools.

"I really wanted a way for my students to organize an event based on what they have learned in theory and put it into practice," Abbey said. "Also being able to help out other students in our district makes this project a win-win."



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