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Passion Poem part 8

April 18, 2012
By Tom Baideme - March 2010

As he turns to her surprise

It's Jesus there the one she seeks

And tells her I've not ascended yet

Go tell the others I'll see them there

She goes and does what she was told

To his followers repeats what she should tell

And as foretold by Magdalena

Though doors are locked in wind arrives

All the band are there 'cept one

To see and marvel at his return

All to glimpse him face to face

And see the wounds on hand and feet

After he has left again

Though promises to again return

The lone disciple who was away

Returns to hear what others saw

Thomas the only one to miss

The sight of Jesus in their midst

Has his doubts and won't believe

Till he sticks fingers in his hands and side

Jesus returns again this time

And toes to Thomas right away

Come and put your finger here

Then put your other hand inside

You believe because you see

And you're blessed because of this

But blessed are those that do believe

Though they haven't seen as much

This wasn't the last time their Christ was seen

He walked among the band and throng

And before he was raised to his Father's house

Gave credo to his band of men

Go and do what I have done

Feed and heal the sick and poor

Whose ever sin you pray to loose

Will be lost as you request

But to all whose sins are great

And not of some repentant soul

Of their sins you wish to hold

Will be kept as you foretell

And with that sends his breath about

To show tongues of fire on their heads

Go out into the world and preach

The good news of your Living Lord



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