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Passion Poem part 7

April 11, 2012
By Tom Baideme - March 2010

So with my bloody robe and crown

They take and rope me to a cross

Splayed apart like some slave on kill

To walk the way, climb to the rock

Through the narrow streets and gates

This slow parade as I progress

But being overcome by pain and weight

The first time I'm brought to my knees

Once again on feet proceeding

I chance to se my mother there

Can see the anguish in her eyes

Brought on by the stabbing pains in heart

Again proceeding up the hill

Guards afraid for me too steep

Order Simon of Cyrene from the crowd

To come and take the cross for me

Bathed only now in blood and sweat

Veronica comes and blots my face

And for this show of compassion gains

An Icon of this time and place

On the hill my cross regained

After trudging step by step

Overcome again with pains

Find I've fallen to the ground again

I behold the sight looking up from dust

Of the chosen women wailed laments

Plead them not to mourn for me

But for yourselves and kin to be

Again on feet process some more

And almost to the chosen site

Fear and pain take their toll

And thrice I find I'm on the ground

Again they force me to my feet

To bear for just a moment more

To soon be at the appointed place

For me to meet my final fate

They strip the bloody clothes away

Near naked now before the hoards

Of people come to see me die

And others come in hope I live

The air is cold on so new wounds

It's chill almost takes my breath away

But not as cold this feel of wood

As I lay upon it now

The feel of wood now not my concern

As they start driving in the nails

And with every hammer blow

Silently I wince in pain

Then I'm raised up like a tree

To set the sturdy trunk in rock

Looking like two limbs and trunk

Bloodied by the hands of man

After hours hanging on to life

Pray to God the ignorant to forgive

For their scorn they gave me here

For all the pain they brought on me

And to the thief that spoke for me

Against the crimes that led to this

Made a promise to him that after death

Be in my Father's house with me

Dear Mother, brothers past my feet

I leave you in each other's care

Soon after my final call to Abba

Into His hands let go my ghost

After they made sure I'm dead

Let my friends and kin reclaim

My body from the killing tree

Laid gently in my mother's arms

And after in anointed wraps

Assisted by a follower Joseph

For my body to be buried right

Will be laid in a new gifted tomb

After I was laid to rest

They rolled the rock to seal the tomb

The rock to keep the animals outside

Posted guards to keep the rest away

After a day and night of fear

Magdalene goes to incense the tomb

But to her surprise when she arrives

Finds the stone's been rolled away

She returns to tell his chosen band

That the tomb has been unsealed

Disciples run and find it so

And wait for Peter to arrive

Slowly Peter enters through the door

To find no body where it laid

There the burial shroud remains

His body wraps are all that's left

They go away to ponder now

The words he spoke have come to light

That after days of death would rise

And be seen by all the faithful then

Mary once again returns

And enters to find someone inside

The person queries whom she sought

And why she seeks the living here

Outside questions someone there

"If you're the gardener tell me please

"Where has someone taken him?

"Where can I find this person now?"



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