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Passion Poem part 6

April 4, 2012
By Tom Baideme - March 2010

Your only power comes from God

You only have what He provides

From my Father up above

You're lucky that he lets you stay

There you see the high priests chant

Blasphemy to your own ears

What after witness do you need

To put the Nazarene to death

A Nazarene was to his surprise

Well, then, you're one of Herod's lot

Take him there and state your claim

That this Jew before him is really king

So right next door where Herod stayed

They brought me there inside the hall

Now facing Herod wonder if he knows

I was the one his father tried to kill

Either way he can't stand to think I'm king

But religious reason prevents today

To judge or put someone to death

So take him back to Pilate's place

Back at Pilate's he can't believe

That my fate is in his hands again

After his wife had a vision in her sleep

To was his hands of this man's fate

I can't be part of this man's death

But I'll put him to the lash for you

Then you can choose what's next for him

So to the post they led me then

And after thirty-nine or so

They didn't think that was enough

So out they bring the reeds and thorns

Made and applied a crown for me

Now back in front with trepidation

Not knowing what else that he can do

From sentencing a fate so grim

When in his heart this feels so wrong

I have at times in years of past

Have offered to spare a life for you

I also have Barabbas here

Which to you should I release?

But to his surprise but not my own

Barabbas was the chant he heard

'Cause his followers packed the crowd

scared the rest from calling out

What to do with Jesus, this your Christ

So loud a response makes us both recoil

But not just from the volume

Crucify him was their retort

I can be no more part of this man's death

So watch me as I wash my hands

Of this man's fate from here on out

His crucifixion is on your heads



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